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Safety comes first at all times, hence brakes issue are introduced first.



  Rear Brakes Efficiency

Hand Brake Lever

911 Zentrum's PRO RS Steel Braided Hoses

 Brake Vacuum Route from FF style to FR

Front Brakes Upgrade to RX7-E-FD3S

Who's this?


Handling Secrets of Toyota Corolla KE70 or AE86

Roll Center Adjuster

Rear Axle's Control Arms & Rod

Front Strut Top Tower Bar

How to choose Spring Rate How to measure Spring Rate Rear Stabilizer Bar

Arm, Steering short versus long

Ultra Racing Bars, Fenders, Front 3 Points, Rear 4 Points

Caster Adjustment

Rear Track Increase 2014 April    


TiTAN Suspension

How it all started?

TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla KE70

TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla AE82

Side Notes



TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla AE86 (Levin / Trueno)



Suspension Upgrade Journey

Hi Lo & Soft Hard Coilovers

Suspension Wisdom

Cornering Weight Transfer from Side to Side

AE86's Suspension Setup in Sony Play Station Grand Turismo

Suspension Lowering Understanding



1st transplant failure My Hybrid

(not complete 2002 Q1~Q3)

2nd transplant successful Restoration 2

2002 Q4

Finally the car 

Toyota KE70 + 20v AFM

  Chassis Restoration

2006 Q1~Q2

silvertop to blacktop but AFMed

Engine Swap 2007 Q4 

Upgrading Power Steering

If do again, how? VERSION_2 2014 June

Engine Tilting


Engine Head

DIY Valve Clearance for MIVEC

20v Silvertop vs MIVEC Blacktop

Adjustable CAM Pulleys

Distributor Re-location to the Front DIY Valve Clearance Shims Adjustment Dismantling Old Engine Head
Porting Head Cleaning Head Estimation of Power


Engine Overall

Engine Tuning

Gasket Kit - Engine

Sudden Bad Idle

Dyno Day

Sudden Death

Everything about IDLING




Vacuum Lines for Toyota 4A-G 20v AFM 1993

Vacuum Lines for Power Steering & ISC Valve

Charcoal Filter
Fishtank Splitter Vacuum 4 Throttles' Vacuum




Introducing Oil Cooler

Cleaning Oil Cooler

Install Oil Cooler

Solution & Bigger Oil Cooler Upgrade

Oil Filter Relocation

All Installed Finally

Water Temperature Re-route Water Direction for 4A-GE 20v Engine from FF Chassis to FR Chassis KE70 or AE86  



Kian Leong Clutch - Type 1 Street / Moderate Race

Kian Leong Clutch - Type 2 High Heat High Duration Custom Speedo Sensor
Kian Leong Co. - Type 3 - Full Racing Carbon Copper - Page 1 Kian Leong Co. - Type 4 - NA Full Racing Copper - Page 1 Corona Gearbox same as the famous AE86
How gearbox work (manual Toyota T50)    
How gearbox shifter work (manual Toyota T50) Clutch Slip Gearbox's gear ratios calculator


Rear Axle

Rebuilt OEM Limited Slip Differential (LSD) from Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin / Trueno Limited Slip Differential (LSD) from Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin / Trueno T285 Rear Axle Limited Slip Differential from Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin / Trueno T283 Rear Axle
Control Arms Bush from Honda SM4 for Rear Axle of Toyota Corolla KE70 or Levin / Trueno AE86 Independent Rear Axle from TT141 - 4WD Check Limited Slip Differential (LSD) Performance from T-285 TRD 2-way for Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin / Trueno



Toyota 20v AFM Silvertop ECU's pin out


ECU made in MALAYSIA by Mr S K Leow

Replace AFM by MAP

20v AFM AUTO ECU 2 big board


New hardware & software upgraded to version 2.52

Typical Problems of Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno AE111 20v MAP ECU (aka blacktop)


Diagnosis System

Diagnosis System


Results 1

Diagnostic by DCN Pro


Results 2

Diagnostic for a friend

Different Diagnosis

Results 3



Results 4


Intake & Exhaust

Exhaust Length Matching


Intake Length Matching

Exhaust Length Calculator

Cold Air Intake

Intake Length Calculator
Custom Extractor Mufflers by Datco & Matola with Bullet from Omega  


Vane Air Flow Meter

AFM Breakdown


Engine Warning Light On 

Flap Tension

Replace AFM by MAP

Warning / Tips - Buy Vane Air Flow Meter (AFM)


Fuel Delivery

Upgrade Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel Pressure Gauge Fuel Return Hose

Fuel Tank Pressure, Leak, Fume & Vapor Control



Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit Logs

1st time Driving in Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit

2nd BTSC Session

Sneaking into BTSC

3rd BTSC Session

4th BTSC Session (most fun)



Sepang International Circuit Logs

SIC Track Day 3rd April 2004 9am-12pm

SIC Track Day End of May 2004 9am - 12pm

SIC Track Day 7th November 2004 1pm - 5pm



SIC 7th Nov 04 - Report by Yoga


Street Shoot Out Logs

Drift Clinic

Street Shoot Out 1 (SSO1)

Street Shoot Out 2 (SSO2)

Street Shoot Out 3 (SSO3)

Street ShootOut 4 (SSO4) Time Attack & Drift Challenge

Download allot of videos




Alternator Died

Genting Pressure

Invading Singapore's Chop Shops

Top Formula 1 Motor Flush RUST on Toyota Corolla AE82 Meters & Gauges
Plug Snap but JB Weld holds   Logitech MOMO Steering Clutch via Leg


Oil, Filter & Additive

Specific Oil Filters for Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno 4A-GE

Oil Change


After Burn

90915-YZZB6 Big Oil Filters for Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno 4A-GE



Weight Issues

Compare Camshaft Weight of Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno 20v AE101 versus AE111

Compare Crankshaft Weight of Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno 20v AE101 versus AE111

Compare Flywheel Weight of Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno 20v AE101 versus AE111


Light Weight Aluminum Crank Pulley for Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno 20v

Lightening Flywheel of Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno AE101 20v AFM (Silvertop) 2 Pieces Propeller Shaft versus 1 Straight Piece Propeller Shaft

Compare 20v Lighten Flywheels 5.8 kg vs 5.2 kg

Propeller Shaft Dynamically BALANCED 2014 April



Toyota Corolla KE70 using Honda Seats with Levin AE111 Belts

Modify Console from Toyota Corolla Levin AE101 to KE70

AE91 Side Mirror on KE70 Door


Car Rentals

Bumblebee Camaro 2013 Aug

Toyota new 86 2013 Sep






Logitech G29 Wheel Internal Temperature




Other KE70 Sites


Other Car Issues



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