Front Brakes Upgrade to RX7-E-FD3S 

October 2003

A Mazda RX7-E-FD3S front brakes was purchased in hope to use it's 4 pistons caliper as well as large rotors 11.5" diameter (29.2 cm).

After purchase and inspected, it is found that the FD's rotor HUB to DISC depth is too great when compared to the original AE86's strut and would pose a difficult modification.

Unless the FD's rotor sits outside the 86's Hub, but forcing the wheels to off-set further outwards. This is not bad from the performance point of view. However I already have a rim that off-set very out and matches the KE70 mud-guard just nice. Further off-set will not only be visually unattractive but up-set the handling of the car because the rear track width will be smaller than the front.

This idea is not preferred unless I have a less outward off-rims in the 1st place and could use some spacer at the rear to match.

The FD's caliper is so huge that it is feared that with the combination of 11.5" rotor they will not clear the 15" rim's internal.

I trial fit was tested and found that it did not clear. So This idea is completely dropped.

Alternative Solution

Mate the Mazda RX7-E-FD3S Caliper to Toyota Levin GT-Apex AE101 Rotor onto AE86's strut. In this case, I've got the AE101's 10" rotors.



Chassis Suspension in cm cooling Caliper Piston
RX7-FD3S Double (unequal) Wishbones 11.5 29.2 Ventilated 4
RX7-FC3S Double (unequal) Wishbones 11 28 Ventilated 4
AE101 Super (unequal) Strut 10.5 26.7 Ventilated 2
AE101 McPherson Strut 10 25.4 Ventilated 1
AE86 McPherson Strut 9 22.8 Ventilated 1
KE70 McPherson Strut 9 22.8 Solid 1

The AE86's caliper weights 3 kg while the rotor weights 3 kg.

The FD caliper also weights 3 kg, but the rotor weights 6 kg. 


This way the 101's rotor do not need to sit outside the 86's Hub, but instead be mounted exactly as the 86's rotor.

Looks just nice, a little too close if you ask me, best have a closer look and rotate it.

The rotors still looks a serious TAD small in that 15" :( 10" versus original AE86's 9"

crakchomngg nasjfjasp jairproomroghm Oh no, it is scratching against something :(

It is touching the MAZDA words

It is also touching the edge :(

Looks like a spacer is required.

It has been decided later in the future to forget about this 3 family mating to go directly with Complete FD's brake including it's rotors into the AE86's strut.


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  5. Installing 15" to check clearance
  6. Alternate Brake Pads for RX7-E-FD3S
  7. Alternate Brake Pads in RX7-E-FD3S Calipers



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