Audio is linked together by many other disciplines, for example: - fundamentals of acoustics science, audio products' engineering, understanding of product's limitation, human psychology, ear's physiology and much more.

It is a subject that look easy but in reality is difficult due to many of the issues mentioned above and much more not yet mentioned.

At this point, it is "WARNED" that there are insufficient information on this website to arm the readers as a consumer. Please come back once in a while, and check for the "All Clear" alert.

At that time, you will be able to make logical judgments on this confusing subject.



Important Links and References


Audio Basics

The Concept

Flat Frequency Response

Audio Crossovers


Why most tweeters are crap

Using Loudspeaker Properly (not complete)


陳法政 FCChin Hi-Fi QUICK Evaluation Test Tracks (circa 2002)



Jwo Shong's Car Audio My Car Audio My Mechanic's Car Audio
  No Limits - PA System's DSP in Car My 1st proper Hi-Fi in Hong Kong home



Modified or Analysis

Modification of Electronic Crossovers Horn Loudspeaker Horn Loudspeaker in Car
Example of Cascading Crossovers Cleaning laser lens of Alpine CDA-7939E Sensitivity, Power, Distance Lost, Time Delay........


Simple Speaker Review - mainly from car audio

Audio Art Mid

Old Bostwick HFT-1

Alpine DDC F17A

ONKYO Oz Matrix Home Speaker TDL

 Diamond Hex

MB Quart

Macintosh MS10


Headphones Earphones with or without Bluetooth

Poweramp apk Equalization LIST

nameBLUE ST-11 Dissected no aptx!!!






Important Links and References



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