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26th August 2014 

Due to earphone, headphones are plentiful, not all are perfectly suited to each person, hence some form of equalization could be beneficial when used in the correct way.

i.e. don't boost more than +3dB, because that's doubled the power hence heavy burden to the amp hence easy to CLIP or distort in some way. Not forgetting phase would be affected. Best to minus only, this way headroom is not sacrificed, no danger of distortion, but watch out for phase anomalies when reduce too much. Finally adjacent band (frequency) cannot be drastic, i.e. 100Hz +3dB, 125Hz -3dB, 160Hz +3dB, 250Hz -3dB, this up down up down with 6dB difference is 4 times the power difference, it would skew the phase signal all together, render the music highly unnatural. Hence slow small smooth changes is necessarily. 

Poweramp provides so many presets and here's a way to capitalize it. Especially on average sounding earphones to bring up a little uuuummmmmpppphhhhhh and life.

While listening through a music/song of good recording with all the sounds there is to have, (if such track exists???, no), well just listening to couple more until the next sentence is fully satisfied, which is to quickly flick through all the preset EQ one at one time, listening no more than 1 second each, and one would notice some presets suddenly brings up live and uuummmppppphhhh, while some others outright dead and hollow, finally some doesn't change much. Hence work towards those presets that gave good results, they act as quick guide.








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