Horn Loudspeaker in Car

1st January 2004 - report written and upload

True event around April 2003

In Car Study

The system: -



Signat Power Amplifier model RAM-4 is a 150 watts RMS per channel stereo amplifier. It has two 30 amps fuses which is capable of consuming a minimum of 12v times 60 amps = 720 watts peak. At RMS which is 720 times 0.707 = 509.04 watts RMS. Further coupled to the assumption that power amplifiers are 50% efficient therefore 509.04 divide by 2 = 254.52 watts RMS bridged. Well approximate. Just enough to power a single 15". More power is needed to safeguard headroom for high dynamic musics.

Linear Power Amplifier model 452i is a 22.5 watts RMS per channel stereo amplifier. It has two 5 amps fuses, which when using the above assumption gives 42.42 watts RMS per channel. Just enough for the mid-bass. Again more power is needed.

hhehehehehe, Linear Power...............under spec???.................value for money...........

Finally another Linear Power Amplifier model 452i to power the horns. This will be more than enough.


Signal Path: -


  1. Horn Loudspeaker in Car
  2. Smoothed
  3. Left Only
  4. EQ Attempt 1
  5. EQ Attempt 2
  6. Fullrange Study
  7. Horn Flip Phase



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