The Concept

The message below is more for audiophiles and enthusiasts than any other kinds of people. It is hoped to bring them out of "black magic" mentality and guide them back to reality with humanly possible / achievable realistic goals.

The ultimate step is understanding the limitations of the products, engineering, environment, which brings to the subject of laws of acoustics, audio and electronics, which brings to the conclusion that these are govern by the law of the universe (physics) and cannot be challenged.

Efforts have to be made to avoid natural obstacles to achieve the ultimate  objective of sound reproduction nirvana. Going head-on fighting naturality will never yield good results. 


In order to have a good sound reproduction system, 1st the sound system must be able to produce all the sounds that can be heard by ALL humans. After this is achieved then pursuing other phenomenon / anomalies like staging and/or imaging may proceed.

The argument is - if not all the sounds can be heard in the first place, how would one know where it comes from?

By having a system that reproduce all the sounds, one starts to notice "sounds" that was previously "difficult" or too soft to be heard or identify. This in-directly trains the person for better hearing.

By this, the system must have flat frequency response.


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