Home Speaker TDL-RTL1

28th December 2003

The mid and tweeter does not have flat frequency response. Doesn't matter. They do not even have proper smooth response. This is bad. There are significant small ripples all over the place, this will make the sound unfriendly. These will also be responsible for telling the listener that the sound will not be real like natural.

The port response is also extremely unfriendly. The peak at 100Hz is bad enough, the other peak at 300Hz is even worst. Wonder which engineer approve of such bad engineering work???

The green curve is the tweeter and woofer without the port.

The purple is with the port. Notice the peak at 300Hz is out to strike at the listener. It also successfully off-set the level difference between the woofer an the tweeter. With the port only the mid-range is somewhat lacking.

This may be good for home scenario because sound needs to travel further as compared to a car environment and it is know that high frequency looses energy over distance worst compared to low frequency.

Perhaps this was purposely put in to counter the high frequency lost for the targeted segment market geography???

Still there is suspicion that the so called engineer did not use measurement equipment properly or effectively. 

Worst, it is suspected if the product producer is a qualified personal at all. For all we know the level difference matching could have been done by ear by messing with the port mouth area, length or placement or direction.



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