nameBLUE ST-11 dissected 拆机 拆开 没有aptx

Part 1 - 1st September 2014

Bought this as a toy in Shenzhen, China for US$20 = CNY120 = MYR$60, worst case is to replace the microspeakers with better units for better sound. How bad can it be right?



First thing to check is if it really has aptx? for that price, doesn't surprise me if it doesn't. And here proves it doesn't, :( hate it when I'm right. Android adb logcat -v long >filename.txt. Oh never mind, just swap in better microspeakers then, can't hope much from US$20.



Next is equalization, play single sided channel pink noise WAV (FLAC) from mobile phone through bluetooth SBC to this earphone, into IEC711 setup with a XXXXX microphone, finally RTA read by CLIOwin by Audiomatica, it is found that both sides are playing....... strange .............



Then rip it open to have a look and LUCKY, found the CHIP code, hence download and how bad can it be right? WORST !!!!! it is MONO !!!!! CSR8610_datasheet



Check if the microspeakers are direct hard wire together? YES!!!! which is bad.



Anyway, some photos




Part 2 - to come later.

A proper aptx chip would be CSR8645, which has all the same PINouts ball grip. But how to load in the correct firmware? software? keyware? I can't just swap in a empty chip??? is it this way? that way? find out more........




End. 结束。



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