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30th December 2003

School of Acoustics and Electronic Engineering from University of Salford

Textbooks theories :) (no need to carry textbooks around)


Elite website - must read - - Thanks Gary of Avant Garde Audio for introducing.  I must admit, the level of this website puts allot of engineers to shame, including myself.

New Break through in loudspeaker non-linear studies - must read -

OK OK, not new, there were around since 1997???? I think............... but the founder started all the investigations ions ago, just that I wasn't in loop to find out .......















Some of the books were read several times before going into School of Acoustics and Electronic Engineering from University of Salford to study B.Eng. (Hons.) Electroacoustics and thought understood.

However after graduation and re-read the books then realise what was understood previously is "insufficient" or "biased" or "inconclusive" hence making the understanding and application of so-called knowledge at that time to be "wrong".

Often, too little attention is paid to other aspects of audio, especially in the human brain sound psychology, room acoustics and ultimately measurement technology.

It is hoped that others who read the following books exercise caution and reserve before making conclusion. Always much more issues are related.

This is why from the AUDIO SECTION's title page it is iterated that: -

Audio is linked together by many other disciplines, for example: - fundamentals of acoustics science, audio products' engineering, understanding of product's limitation, human psychology, ear's physiology and much more.

It is a subject that look easy but in reality is difficult due to many of the issues mentioned above and much more not yet mentioned.

Perhaps it is just me, however survey from middle 2002 till end of 2003 shows many repetition of this phenomenon to others.

Therefore efforts are made to stress the deepness of this subject and caution to on-going learners as not to repeat the mistake which I made. Which is underestimated it's difficulty.



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