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28th December 2003

The following is a 6.5" driver. From the measurement it show that this 6.5" is a very good driver for mid-bass only because it is literary flat from around 100Hz to 500Hz. Extremely slow up at 100Hz, nice and smooth. And extremely slow up to cone breakup nice and smooth. This makes crossover filtering extremely easy to predict. As long as crossover starts 0.5 octave or so before the actual cone breakup, the roll off will be nice.

However after the addition of it's original passive filter, things turn from good to bad. The good flat frequency response range from 100Hz to 500Hz is gone. Some ripples are introduced all over the place. This will make the mid sound harsh and not easily accepted to the ear. The low-pass effect is also not effective. It rolls off too slow and too late.

Again another failure passive filter.

The tweeter ...... speechless. It has nearly no sound. Only effective from 10kHz to 20kHz......... the passive doesn't even need to be tested in this case.

This tweeter is later found to be damaged, that's why it's response is so bad. Please come back a long long time later. There may be a update in the long future. Lazy me

This tweeter is more suitable for 4 way system. The range is just too small. To have the mid play up to 10kHz is extremely difficult. Sure enough all the cone breakup from the mid will come out...... This is just all bad.

This tweeter is not recommended for purchase because lower cost and better quality speakers has been found. Those are far more easy to setup and optimise.

This mid however will be a good candidate for all scenario. Very good boy, easy to setup as long as low-pass before 800Hz using 24dB/oct. If 12dB/oct then have to be earlier around 650Hz or so. This is to counter-react the rising cone breakup curve.



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