Front Brakes Upgrade to RX7-E-FD3S 

22nd February 2004 0000 Hours

This night we become "Ninja" and sneak into Heavy Industrial Machine Shop. Location and Shop name cannot be disclosed. Sorry! 

1st reduce FD's rotor diameter by 6 mm. That's all that is needed to clear the FD's caliper from the 15" rim's internal. Notice the shiny edges?

2nd drill 4 holes to mount the AE86's Hub.

3rd install the FD's rotor onto the AE86's Hub and onto the 86's Strut.

5th cut the 86's caliper bracket and install to the 86's strut to check rotor's clearance.

Oh not good. Both the bracket are not flat at the joining points, it does not give a secure feeling. Oh well! It's late. Stop for now, the weird two 90 degrees bending custom caliper bracket will have to be made later. It is late 0230 hours. Lets go home.


  1. Front Brakes Upgrade to RX7-E-FD3S
  2. Complete FD Brakes Upgrade
  3. Mock Up Inspection
  4. Mating FD's rotor to AE86's Hub
  5. Installing 15" to check clearance
  6. Alternate Brake Pads for RX7-E-FD3S
  7. Alternate Brake Pads in RX7-E-FD3S Calipers




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