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Sneaking into Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit


2nd May 2003 Friday Afternoon


After settling official office work at Shah Alam and before returning to office, BTSC was visited to checked out to see  if a few sneak track laps can be had without anyone knowing :) devil in my mind


:) hahahahah, how come the gate is not closed? So, in I went :) muah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 


What's this, some people are cleaning up somethings???



And the mess the track is in, not that I didn't know it's dirty, but this report is for those that haven't been there recently or at all. So here the pictures are: -



Then the look-out tower: -



And the grand stand: -



There was even a tracker doing who knows what?



The workers were engaged in a few questions and the conclusion is, no sneak track laps can be had. People are watching. Cops will come. Off I go, back to work.





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