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4th Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit Session


17th May 2003 Saturday Afternoon


The setup - basically


Tires Make = Maxxis Surpasa MA-V1 (made in Taiwan)

Tires Spec = 195 / 50 R15 82v E4 0213211

Max Load = 475 kg

Max Pressure = 44 psi

Tread : 2 Polyester + 2 Steel + 1 Nylon

Sidewall : 2 Polyester


Tires' pressure set at 42 psi before entering track. The advice was given by Bill Sherwood, where I accept and thought, since the suspension setup is extremely stiff, therefore the tire must follow suite to off-set it, or else all the "load" will be forced into the soft tires only and renders the hard suspension in-effective. Think about it



Front suspension = Coilovers 8 kg/mm - Shocks unknown

Camber at -2 degrees, castor unknown, toe unknown


Rear suspension = Coil 6.5 kg/mm - Shocks' Compression 185 kgf, rebound 70 kgf



Bill Sherwood was around again, before I went into the track for practice, he reminds me not to go all out, crazy, don't want to get another accident, I can't afford that. So I listened, further more the setup is completely different there I will go slow and make sure I know how the car behaves.


The car would under steer allot, this was expected, but to my surprise it was more fun, the accelerator could be used more during the exit.


The biggest surprise was the car would line up itself for the next corner for entry. 50% of the time this was done by the car itself, without much effort from me. All I had to do was made sure when to turn, how much to turn, at what speed, and slam at which point when going out. All following Bill's instructions.


I still couldn't understand why??? the car line up itself for the next entry. This is extremely surprising to me. 


And no, I didn't crash this time


The tire pressures were check and the rose to: -



- Right  44 psi

- Left 44.5 psi



- Right and Left 45 psi


Perhaps next time, I should adjust them in such a way after it is fully warm, they will stabilize at 42 psi each.





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