Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit Log


1st time Driving inside 


27th April 2003 Sunday 2pm


From now on Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit  will be referred to as BTSC



The setup - basically


Tires Make = Maxxis Surpasa MA-V1 (made in Taiwan)

Tires Spec = 195 / 50 R15 82v E4 0213211

Max Load = 475 kg

Max Pressure = 44 psi

Tread : 2 Polyester + 2 Steel + 1 Nylon

Sidewall : 2 Polyester


Tires' pressure set at 30 psi before entering track.  


Front suspension = Coilovers 8 kg/mm - Shocks unknown

Camber at -0.5 degrees, castor unknown, toe unknown


Rear suspension = Coil 6.5 kg/mm - Shocks' Compression 185 kgf, rebound 70 kgf



After so many years, only now I drive in there and it is not even operational. The circuit is officially closed. Drivers enter at their own risks, no signature required, no helmets, no shoes, no regulations. All drivers are simply given a kind but serious verbal caution, not to go all-out and get into trouble.


Upon 1st arrival, there were lots of people, I've never seen so many people before, on a non-event day I mean. The entry was cheap at Ringgit Malaysia Ringgit Malaysia (RM)20 only. No wonder there was a full crowd. All the pits were filled with cars, there were even cars parked outside the pit, behind the pit and opposite the pit next the break-wall. Man the next best thing on my mind were :) heheheheh girlssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :)


There were some drain holes, not covered. My friend's Wira Mivec Sedan fell into it, but thank goodness everyone there was very kind and all came to the rescue, some help to lift the front of the car, while some help to push the car down at the back to achieve equilibrium, and my friend quickly reverse to safety. It all happen so fast, only some 10 seconds were passed. Phewwwwwwwww.


We enter the track for the 1st time into Batu Tiga Speed Circuit. I only managed 2 laps (slow and in-experience) and they stop the free run and started a 5 lap race. I didn't join as I didn't want to get into trouble with local veterans.


Hahahha, the funny thing is, our next friend who came 30 minutes late, also fell into the hole :) but he didn't need any assistance as he realize and force the car out of the hole before it actually stop. The rear fell in too, but came back out by force.


After the 5 lap race they change it to a sprint, where 2 car fight out who's got the best pick-up, which all of my friends was not interested so we sat and watched. After 1 hour plus then it was over. So out we went for the free run again.


This time knowing I was crap and which corner was dangerous (for everybody behind and beside me) I engage 2nd gear only and floor it till 8,000 rpm, which is around 100 km/h to turn. The car was unexpectedly good. It did not "under", I couldn't get it to oversteer at 100 km/h tight turn. I only managed 4 laps and need a rest from the G-forces that I am not used to.


Brroroommmmmmmmm, raining............. nearly everyone stopped and left, while less than 10 cars were still going. I also went out for a wet drift, but even at 80 km/h with steering provoke, it will not drift, nor will it slide or whatever. I was very disappointed........the car was simply too good for me. I don't have the skill to push it faster to induce a spin / drift / slide / whatever :(


man.......there's no fun in this car anymore. I feel like changing the tires back to 175/13/70 :)


I only managed 2 laps in the rain, where road visibility was down to some 20 meters only so I stop. But before that I saw a Wira Sedan drift out of a corner from my side mirror. Man he was such a hero just like in the cartoons :) Best thing ever happen for the day :)


anyway, before I left, I went to the very wet car park to try a hand-brake spin / slide. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the stupid car at 70 km/h just didn't want to do it :(((((((((((((((((((((((((


man I think I really sucks at driving :(



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