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3rd Batu Tiga Speedway Circuit Session


11th May 2003 Sunday Afternoon


The setup - basically


Tires Make = Maxxis Surpasa MA-V1 (made in Taiwan)

Tires Spec = 195 / 50 R15 82v E4 0213211

Max Load = 475 kg

Max Pressure = 44 psi

Tread : 2 Polyester + 2 Steel + 1 Nylon

Sidewall : 2 Polyester


Tires' pressure set at 30 psi before entering track.



Front suspension = Coilovers 8 kg/mm - Shocks unknown

Camber at -1 degrees, castor unknown, toe unknown


Rear suspension = Coil 6.5 kg/mm - Shocks' Compression 185 kgf, rebound 70 kgf


Long story cut short, Bill Sherwood was around, gave me some instructions, while I was driving, then showed me a few laps, his driving now and out I went again alone :(


bede BA bede BOOM, alamak, accident :( 


A corner was taken a bit too fast (between corner 2 and 3), I couldn't feel the car turn into 3rd corner enough, (under steer), hit the brakes and out-of-control it went.


So I thought nevermind, let it hit the grass, as I usually do:) but this time it didn't stop and slam into the collision wall made of an army of tires. Mudguard was damaged, head light broken, side light broken.


Thank goodness the car can still start after a few minutes of rest, some marshals came to help push the car out of the tires' collision wall and RM20 they charged :(


So, back to pit, made small repairs, drove it to the workshop for immediate repairs :(




Right after I leave the track, send Bill back to the hotel, went to a petrol station. Tires' pressure increase to 37 psi according to Bill's advice. Much better, starts to feel suspension working and not all "load" into the tires.


For the 1st time, I can feel the road much better.




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