Vane Air Flow Meter

Part 2 - 25th Nov 03 


How is AFM constructed. The important bit: - hehe more like how to dismantle a AFM :)

The whole internals intact -

Then remove the 7 pins socket - 

 Then remove the needle -

Then remove the circuit - 

and how the circuit board looks like -

Finally the air intake temperature sensor - 

It is equivalent to this -

Which have around 1.85 k Ohms around 27 Celsius.

Please be careful during the removal and safe keeping of the needle, because it's tip is made of multiple small wires??? which bend out of shape very easily upon slight force of contact. e.g. place it on a foam, stuck the needle it a little, forgot about it, accidentally moved it, take back out and it is bended.


  1. AFM Breakdown
  2. Dismemberment
  3. Flap Tension
  4. Engine Warning Light On
  5. Warning / Tips - Buy Vane Air Flow Meter (AFM)



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