Diagnostic Results

Results friend 2 4A-G 20v AFM

December 2003

Upon checking the ECU's error log, known as D.T.C. The results came out

"Communication Error" Please perform...... bla bla bla, Please see ..... bla bla bla etc etc etc.

Another sad discovery :(

This is extremely surprising because the transplant seems to be in order. Everything is transferred. The complete wiring loom including dashboard, air-cond system, lights and switches, everything is transferred. Plug and Play, why could it go wrong???

This time we did not go into this: -

Injector Pulse Width 2.x ms  
Ignition Advance 9 CA  
ISC duty 3x %  
Engine Speed 750 rpm  
Air Flow 3.8 v  
Coolant temperature 8x c  
Throttle Position 0 %  
Vehicle Speed 0 kmh  
Target A/F Left ? v  
A/F Feedback Left OFF    
Knock Feedback OFF    
Starter Signal OFF    
Idle  ?    
A/C Signal OFF    
O2 feedback ?    

Because there is no point.

Previously the car driven and immediately felt lack of response. The power output is not in syncronisation with the accelerator pedal.

The power output is also not in sync with the way the pedal is used.

The power output is also not in sync with the speed displayed on the meter.

The engine revving up speed is not normal. Slow to around 3,000 rpm then suddenly fast up.

All this are symptoms of error.


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