Diagnostic Results

Results friend 3 4A-G 20v AFM

December 2003

No error code. No problem with transplant.

Initial driving a bit dull. But generally OK.

Injector Pulse Width 2.x ms  
Ignition Advance 9 CA  
ISC duty 3x %  
Engine Speed 750 rpm  
Air Flow 3.3 v  
Coolant temperature 8x c  
Throttle Position 0 %  
Vehicle Speed 0 kmh  
Target A/F Left ? v  
A/F Feedback Left OFF    
Knock Feedback OFF    
Starter Signal OFF    
Idle  ?    
A/C Signal OFF    
O2 feedback ?    

The IDLE ON signal is a bit "stiff" only after closing the AFM's by-pass valve fully, effectively reducing AFM voltage from 3.3 to 3.1 then the IDLE signal will turn between ON and OFF very responsive and accurate.

The distributor timing was also way too high over 15 degrees and knocked back down to around 11 degrees +/- 1

Test drive - immediately felt "tight" - very responsive. Previously during reverse, the accelerator pedal nearly 50% effort, clutch release nearly 50% then the car will suddenly jerk backward.

Now after some correct setting - accelerator pedal around 20% and clutch release around 20% - the car starts to move backward without sudden power burst. The power output become very smooth and predictable.

This is suspected of proper syncronisation between fuel delivery and ignition timing by correct matching of TPS and distributor timing.


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