80s Corona Gearbox same as the famous AE86

9th December 2003

The current gearbox is model T50 from a AE86 but now installed in a KE70 chassis.

The current gearbox is leaking oil badly through the propeller shaft oil seal's center [according to manual's terminology] (long shaft by normal terminology) . The oil seal has been changed twice, on second attempt adding gasket goo to the edge in hope to stop the leak but failed. 

The mechanic advice to change the gearbox as a proper solution, because the gearbox output gear to propeller shaft is very loose, which cause it to swing between left to right or up to bottom giving way to oil leak. After much content, the decision to change the gearbox is made.


Side Notes

AE86 gearbox, namely model T50 coupled with a A type clutch housing [according to manual's terminology] (bell housing by normal terminology) is around Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 700. This is simply too expensive and not a  viable solution. One was found at Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 550. But no one can be sure of it's condition. Still 550 is very high.

Side Notes End


One of the mechanic happens to have a spare T50 gearbox with the T type clutch housing. It is known to be a T type clutch housing because it was previously mated with a 2T engine and many of the local 3T engines. These are T block engine, hence the clutch housing are called T type.

Since there are wide spread information from the internet that all T50 are the same, except the clutch housing, therefore the local 80s Corona Gearbox is obtained as replacement. All is needed is to change the current A type clutch housing onto it. It cost Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 250 from him :)

So, the Corona T50 gearbox when it arrive: -

Very dirty, very thick with dirt and oil :(


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