Oil Change Specifications


18th June 2003 Midnight (busy up-loading)




For 20vAFM (silvertop) engine should be same as 20vMAP (blacktop): -


See 4AG-E 20Valve Engine Repair Manual page LU-1



and change it according to: -



and check it according to: -





Make sure to use the correct oil filter, see 4AG specific Oil Filters for further details.




For the AE86's T-50 gearbox: -


See AE86 Manual - Manual Transmission - page MT-23





For AE86's T-293 rear axle with factory default LSD: -


See AE86 Manual - Rear Axle - page RA-10



So, errrrrrrrrrrr local temperature under the hot sun, in middle of a traffic jam is around 40 Celsius, so should use 75w-140 ???



  1. Specific Oil Filters for Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno 4A-GE
  2. Oil Change
  3. Additives
  4. After Burn
  5. 90915-YZZB6 Big Oil Filters for Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno 4A-GE

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