12th December 2003

A substitute LSD additive was found at Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 12 - called TRANS-X as opposed to Red Line's LSD Friction Modifier at Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 40. Effectively over 3 complete oil change.

Syarikat Aik Heng Motor & Engineering Supply (spare parts shop)

No.8, Section 8/1E

46050 Petaling Jaya

Selangor, Malaysia

Tel : +60(3)-7957-1357

There is a "psychological" question if this additive will work as good as the Red Line's, or if it works at all? The mind-set problem comes worst when weighting the product by it's shear low cost. Literally little to none..............again, would it be less effective?

However this tube packaging contains 207ml as oppose to Red Line's approximate 60ml from guessing and remembrance. It is 3 times over again.

Again another "psychological" mind-set - more to ease self comfort and assurance - dictates that even if it is less effective compared to Red Line's, it makes up for it by 3 times over in size. So, the risk is taken. No real results will be known ............... 

According to statements collected from various manuals, summarised in Oil Change, that manual transmission gearbox's oil specifications are: -

and the rear axle's requirements are: -

Notice that the manual transmission can use GL-4 or GL-5 but the rear axle must be GL-5 or higher perhaps.

Both may use SAE 90, however rear axle's requirement seems to be a bit higher where it states 80w-90 instead of 75w-90. Perhaps the engineer compiling the manual made a mistake?

So, is there a difference between SAE 90 GL-4 against SAE 90 GL-5? Actually are the two SAE and GL supposed to be read together? or they are separate entity all together?

Regarding the: - Fill with hypoid gear oil if necessary. What does this mean actually?

Regarding the: - at temperature below - 18 Celsius. That's only when using oil of 80w-90 versus pure 90 which can withstand all middle earth's operating temperature. Wonder what will happen to 4 seasons country where summer exceeds 40 Celsius at times??? or desert perhaps?

Anyway, pure SAE 140 API GL-4 is now used for both manual transmission and rear axle. Additives to compliment as necessary. Still mineral because it is cheap.

If SAE 140 of either GL-4 or 5 is not available, then 85w-140 GL-5 can be easily found and used as replacement. Again mineral because it is cheap.

Never tried fully synthetic oils before, ........lets see how is it in the future after I try it out ........


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