SIC Track Day (Sepang International Circuit)

7th November 2004 (Sunday) 1pm till 5pm

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Posted: Nov 8 2004, 08:59

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driver got suspension problem kaaaaaaaaa ?? ask driver to go see titan laaa then can fix him up nicely ... tongue.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif

Hope everyone had fun although there are a few unwanted incidents and a hell lot of red flag and many many cars spinning like washing machine rinse cycle .. i'm sure some of you also tak puas main becoz of the amount of cars that were actually in the track. At first when I arrived there at 1pm thought walanehhhhhhhhhhh the track so freaking empty less than 20 cars were there at the moment but later on all the track cars and other fast cars arrived and soon the pit was packed.

After that not much action liao but i heard the supra driver having damn kow lotsa fun dori dori .. respect laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... not forgetting our kelisa drivers who joined us for track day again .. you guys champion laaaaaa .. show all those fella that stock standard car also can go in track maaaaaaaaa .... no need monster monster car .. then MK called me said on the way .. so jalan sini jalan sana .. go see everyone and all the fast fast cars ...

Then MK appear like reporter with his camera bag all then chit chat with everyone then he ask me follow him ... i said go where .. go turn 3 .. waaaaaaaaaa .. ok ok .. follow him the the flag post where the marshal sitting and can get cun view of all cars going into turn 3 .. waaaaaaa .. damn nice .. can see some ff car buang the ass and counter counter all .. hahahaha and can see some cars buang ass cannot counter spin liao .. hahahahahah then also got once see ke70 spin masuk rumput become grass cutter ph34r.gif laugh.gif .. the mini cooper damn kow cun la the way it handles and take corners .. not forgetting those two bloody fast dc5 .. fuiyohhhhhhh ... not only the car fast the drivers also damn kow good man ...

Then after a while in turn 3 masuk balik pit area chit chat coz red flag .. got some oil spillage on the track and it was closed for about 15-20 mins ... then after that follow MK again go the turn 5 punya post ... aiyaaaaaaa but here the action not so cun laaaa cannot see much ... coz most of the car like not moving one ph34r.gif laugh.gif once in a while when got track car come only can actually see some overtaking action .. cool.gif then again red flag .. alamakkkkkkkkk apa nie ... then we duduk in the marshall post a while ... waiting for cars to come out again ... then the siren when on and cars started coming out .. then MK and me went to turn 7 punya post .. waaaaaaaaaa here was the most fun place to be man ... can really see the difference between experience driver and those just starting out ... actually from the outside it looks damn freaking scary mannnnnnnn ... can see those car with stock suspension ROLL KOW KOW KOW ... especially the tiara .. walanehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... damn brave man the driver ... his car on the straight looked like it had 5 finger gap .. in turn 7 while taking the turn the car roll damn kow and the gap look like can masuk the whole head in .. walanehhhhhhh .. i see also my mata blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif ball also shrink wei ... hahahahah .. then there was the johor plate impreza also .. spun out in the corner about 3 or 4 times while we were there .. one of the time spin almost bang into the tyre barrier ... fuiyohhhhhhhhhh .. damn lucky mannnnnnnnn ...

Then there was this one incident on the last corner before the start finish where got this satria who spun and was left stranded right in the middle of the corner and facing the opposite direction.. farking dangerous .. and the marshall waving yellow flag but knn all the fella still tekan kow kow and it's a blind corner some more cannot see one ... walanehhhhhhhh .. got two track car that bang each other trying to avoid the satria and one of the track car forgot wat car is it .. too kancheong already .. only know it's white color and the bumper came off not sure what other damage incurred to those two cars .. i think if i was sitting in that red satria i would have seen my life flashing by me mannnnnnn .. hahahahah ... after that marshal started waving red flag ... and walanehhhhhhhhhhh still got cars tekan kow kow and overtaking on the back straight .... then those two fella from satria got out and started pushing the car .. walanehhhhhhh and still got fella tekan kow kow on the back straight despite the red flag .. my heart beating damn fast mannnnnn .. hahahah i also damn scared liao .. accident waiting to happen ... luckily no other incident happen and it was already 5:30pm by then and the track also close liao .. then marshall all come clean the track ...

Phewwwwwwwwww ... first time I have a close up view of the actions on the track and can tell you it really looks freaking scary from the outside .. hahahahah ... and i also last time see yellow flag or red flag never really slow down still continue at the constant speed ... no more man .. this time when see flag waving i'm going to make sure to really slow down ... especially those blind corners .. farking scared already laaaaaaaa .. hahahahah .. overall i think i had damn lotsa fun even though i never masuk into track .. gave me a different view of sepang and have found a brand new way of admiring the track and it's design ....

Can't wait for the next track day ... this time we wanna arrange it to be on a saturday ... MK is working out the details .. likely will be 1st or 2nd week of december ... for those who missed out yesterday and also for those who tak puas main make sure to get ready for december event .. COZ SEPANG HERE WE COME cool.gif cool.gif cool.gif

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