SIC Track Day (Sepang International Circuit)

7th November 2004 (Sunday) 1pm till 5pm

Posted: Oct 18 2004, 14:26
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It's time once again to burn some rubber and eat some gravels blink.gif laugh.gif There's only 2 more open track days for this year (7th Nov and 26th Dec) according to Sepang site. Since 4AG Club is also heading down the track on the same day maybe we can get some pointers from the experts especially on car setup and the racing lines. So tentatively the date will be 7th Nov in the afternoon. Since it's also the puasa month I believe our muslim friends will not be able to make it but the next one will only be in Dec around Christmas time annnnnnnnnnnd the next track day will only be in Apr 2005 blink.gif unsure.gif


Interested list.

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If ignorance is bliss then stupidity is heavenly

Participants list as of writing this webpage



Report Initial

Change racing clutch on friday night - see Kian Leong Co. - Type 4 - NA Full Racing Copper - Page 1 - Drive slowly to run in properly. Rev limit 4k rpm. Saturday rev till 5k rpm. Sunday morning  rev till 6k while going to meet up some friend for convoy to SIC track day. Engine don't feel right :( - rev more to check, just to make sure, 7k rpm limit. All bad :(

Once reached destination, which is a workshop, immediately change engine oil. Try mineral 20w-50 :) hahaha cheap.

Convoy start from Damansara Utama to SIC Sepang. Speed 80 km/h OK, 90, 100, 110, all OK. 120 - vibrations, feels like from gearbox, feels like from clutch. Dam! the flywheel lightening process seems to be out of rotational balance. Dam :(

130, vibrations, 140, vibrations, 150, 160 all vibrations. Dam :( - shxt lah, going to track to whack some more :( - dam, don't care lah, just whack only :)


Sepang International Circuit (SIC) Track Day Report

Reach SIC just before 1pm. Literally no one. Qucikly jack up the car to set maximum front negative camber :) Seems like starting at 2pm :( - cheh :( was wrongly informed. Who was responsible for telling me from 1 pm. Curse him :) hahhahaha

Anyway, 1:45 pm - start - lap 1 - nice and steady, full throttle all gears but only up to 6k rpm. Tyres not yet warm up enough, cannot whack more.

Lap 2 - corner 1 & 2 testing - still not warm / hot enough for tyres, not no grip since it's a lousy tyres, but instead I want to use the term, no response or no feedback, so keep 6k rpm at corners, only above 6k at the two main straights.

Lap 3 - corner 1 & 2 testing - OK !! :) good good good, responsive responsive responsive.Whack 8k rpm if I can. Corner 4 lost the rear spun and went into the grass. Why? because drop 3rd to 2nd and the rear slip :(. Quickly start the car and noticed the dashboard meter died :( dam! better go back to pit.

In pit while checking the fuses found a blown fuse, replace 10A rating with spare 15A rating temporarily. Go out to track again. Lap 4 meter died again literally immediately. Don't care, rely on sound and feel. Keep safe margin when up gear, especially down shift. Dam :(

Lap 5 - forgot - spun once ????

Lap 6 - forgot

Lap 7 - forgot

Around lap 6 or 7 - SIC Red lights all on, all cars return to pit. Some car(s) must have stuck itself somewhere and needed a tow-truck to get it out.

Lap 8  - forgot spun once ???

Lap 9 - forgot

Around lap 8 or 9 - What's that noise behind my trunk ??? - why is the car stalling at times ??? better go back to pit. Corner 13 - car completely dead - cannot move :( - Emergency stop one side - Open trunk - Oh shxt - battery fell off from it's position tied down by cable tie. All 4 groups of cable tie broke. My battery is located at the rear of the car inside the trunk, because have to make way for oil filter relocation kit. Quickly ment the battery and reset the re-setable fuse.

Start car and drive away, before I could - rear mirror shows incoming WAJA - smoke everywhere, can't see the road behind the WAJA anymore. It's coming my way. Move it god dam it, can't you see I'm stuck here but yet you want to come join me? shxt - it's getting closer and closer - oh no, please don't bang me :(

Zooomm - passed and stopped infront of me - wah - allot of white smoke coming out from it's ekzos - the engine's dead man :( - sorry for you.

But I better move now, get back to pit. While in pit, remove the rear spare tyre, stuff the battery in the hole, cover it with plastic, use the spare tyre to hold the battery in place. Replace the fuse for the meter. Wait for all green to go out on track again.

Green - go out - meter dead again :( - dam ...... drive drive drive, corner corner corner, engine stall, engine run, engine stall, engine run.... :( - forget it - give up, back to pit - that's it for today. No more action from me. Spun once???

Managed to get a ride in my friend's Wira Sedan MIVEC TiTAN LSD. :)

Managed to get a ride in Alvin's AE86 track car :) - thanks Alvin for the invitation (nickname XXX in Saw how he heel-toe - so effectively. May be that's why I spun every time I drop gear from 3rd to 2nd, because I didn't match the engine rev speed to drive train speed, so when I release the clutch, the drive train speed have to suddenly spin to catch up / down to engine speed and causes the rear wheel to slip and spun off ???

Also saw how Alvin full throttle all the way from corner 2 to corner 4 without lifting up. Also full throttle from corner 5 to corner 7 - then perform the Initial_D Takumi machine-gun drop gear speed using heel-toe from 4th to 3rd to 2nd :) - wow, so dam fast :)

Then full throttle again all the way through corner 7 & 8 as if they were not 90 degrees corner, but a imaginary single curve corner.

Then up gear into 4th and full throttle and machine-gun down shift to 3rd and 2nd into corner 9 left-hard-hander into 110 degrees uphill - overtaking 5 cars all at the same time. Closely following behind another track car class.

Corner 10, 11, 12 full throttle, full throttle, full throttle, eating into the curbs left then curbs right, using the full track width and still 4th into corner 12 coming into the back 900 meters straight, which is a right-hard-150 degrees machine-gun downshift heel-toe throttle and steering combination and full throttle he goes on the straight, 3rd, 4th ........ and coming near the end of the 900 meters straight 200 meters mark, 150, 100, 50 and he still never brakes - until the very end then hard braking + machine gun heel toe down shift :) woooo it's so nice to hear it, feel it :) - hard 180 degrees left u-turn and come into the front 900 meters straight.

During some of the corners negotiating traffic, the car exhibit very effective brakes - where the car will slow down without upsetting the balance / momentum / throw of the vehicle directions. Very nice to control :) - it's a track car after all, slicks, race brakes :)

Thanks Alvin, it's been very memorable :)

During one of the pit rest went to see Alvin (another Alvin forum nickname tom's) who meet with a small accident in lap 1. So sorry Alvin. Really really sorry!!!! hope the tow truck people can work out something for you.

During one of the pit rest went to see Daryl (battousai), where his car stopped at one side of the track. Later found out is drive shaft damaged. :( Sorry Daryl.

Well that's it for SIC Report


Aftermath of car loosing control in SIC and spun off and ate from grass :(

After leaving SIC and reached the workshop for food, the car cannot start anymore. Push start and quickly drive to Ah Ming's house for repair.

1st made a rear battery bracket. Dam easy and I don't know why I didn't do it last time :(

2nd reconnect all battery cables, reduce 4 grounds to 1 :( cause all the connecting heads broke. Reduce 2 positive to 1 again because connecting head broke.

3rd cut digital speedo cable to correct length. Thanks to Ah Ming for introducing me to use tension tape :) dam good :)

4th cut 2nd exhaust sensor cable to correct length.

5th check that no cables are shorting to chassis

6th remove car audio head unit cables and clean / clear clutter

7th replace fuse and start car - OK des :)

Leave ........ why the rev needle doesn't move one :( ???? - why is there electronics burn smell ???? stop one side. Allot of smoke coming out from the top front of the dashboard vents ... :( oh shxt ...

Keep calm, 3 minutes later clam enough to think. Remove dashboard meter to check and found some circuits shorted and burned the meter circuit path :(

Try start car without meter and saw allot of white smoke coming out form a group of wires. :( - shxt, can't ever drive to workshop like this :( ........

Keep calm, clear mind, think ........

3 minutes later ........ remove fuse to dashboard meter and try to start car. No more smoke. OK, drive to workshop immediately.

Dam grass and get so much trouble ....... 


Oh, BTW, the car have less vibrations after thrashing the clutch in SIC :) hahaha but I still don't like the 1st gear, 50% clutch pedal release grinding sound :(


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  2. SIC Track Day 7th November 2004 1pm - 5pm
  3. SIC Track Day End of May 2004 9am - 12pm
  4. SIC Track Day 3rd April 2004 9am-12pm



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