SIC Track Day (Sepang International Circuit)

3rd April 2004 (Saturday) 9am till 12pm


TT = Teh Tarik Session (talk kok time around mamak 'drinks' stalls

TTT = Toyota Teh Tarik (where toyota kaki 'gang' hang out together and talk kok)

Posted on Mar 20 2004, 01:27 PM
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Important Update & Announcement
There will be another TT this Friday, April 2nd for those who're joining the track day. You'll be required to fill out some forms and those who have not paid can do so on that day. There are around 5 space left in the track day allocation so anyone else who wants to join can either post here or PM me and also come to TT. Details as follow.

Friday TT for SIC Track Day
Venue : Awan Besar Rest Area off Kesas (central location to be fair)
Date : Friday, 2nd April 2004
Time : 8:30pm onwards

Then, on the day itself, we'll meet up first before going to the track. Details:

SIC Track Day Meet Up
Venue : Dengkil rest area, heading towards Nilai
Date : 3rd April 2004
Time : 8.00 am

Be punctual as we will leave for SIC at 8.30 am sharp.

Okay we have managed to get the track for 3rd April (Sat) closed session but will be joined by lotus club. We will need about 30 cars for this session so place will be limited. Those who interested pls state what time you prefer it to be. Renting whole track for 1 day 8 hours is RM 43k blink.gif So pls choose which time you can make it and MAKE SURE TO TURN UP NEXT TTT ON FRIDAY TO PAY RM 150. First come first serve. The session will be held according to the time the majority chooses.

As for attire pls have some sense and don't come with sarong and singlets rolleyes.gif Shoes and helmets are a must. Also pls check your car to ensure all loose items are removed. As for passenger I'm not sure how the procedure goes but if it's the same with bt3 the driver and passenger must be present at the time of sign in coz they will give a band for driver and passenger and only those with band will be allowed in the car on the track and also only drivers with the driver band will be allowed to drive the car. I'll check the rules for sepang and post it here.

Those who has sign up for the SIC track day event also MUST COME Friday night 26/03/2004 at Usj Syed Ariff .. it's the same row as tai thong restaurant... 9pm-11pm pay the RM 150 for the event as the place will be given on a first come first serve or to the next one on the waiting list. A Maybank account will be provided for those who can't make it or are outstation at the moment. Contact number will be posted shortly so keep a lookout.

Just quick update.

Only drivers needs to wear wristband, you can bring passengers around as long as they're wearing helmets.

Bank in details


Pls only call if there's anything urgent or important. Once the transaction has been made to the Maybank account pls post the reference number as well as the time the transaction is made here so we can update the list as to who has paid and who hasn't

updated again (and again)
1. yolk @ yoga - PAID
2. acoustic @ chin - PAID
3. QiW @ allan - PAID
4. Gt20v @ zul
5. MK84 @ MK
6. Miton @ Dave
7. tom's @ Alvin - PAID
8. Billy (non forumer)
9. kennee @ kenny - PAID
10. keem @ keem
11. Ah Chau TX3 stock (non forumer) booking - PAID
12. Ah Ming Wira Sedan MIVEC (non forumer) - PAID
13. tks @ René - PAID
14. Emissary@ Alven (9am to 12pm) - PAID
15. kevinc PAID
16. Blitzkreig @ Robert - PAID
17. XXX
18. Takata8 - PAID
19. Insane - PAID
20. Deejay (hopefully got Models around ah) - PAID
21. narx@clayton
22. ninja_iga@Stanley Tai - PAID
23. ShadowBurner@David Lee - PAID





Posted on Mar 30 2004, 11:59 PM
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Since ZTH is going to shift server to another host, there will be some time where you can't access ZTH by using Use this address instead.




Posted on Mar 30 2004, 09:24 AM
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QUOTE (g88 @ Mar 30 2004, 09:17 AM)
After you bypass Sri Petaling Carrefour and pay a RM1.50 toll you will see Awan Besar R&R on your left hand site.

Or you can bypass the toll. If coming from Cheras side, take the Bukit Jalil exit (with Sri Petaling Carrefour on your right) and turn left at the traffic light, you'll pass the Stadium to you left and the hill on your right. Next traffic light take a left, head towards TPM. At the TPM bridge, take a right and you'll join the Sg.Besi Puchong highway. Keep to your right and at the first traffic light take a right. Go straight, you'll pass some apartments on your left, at the second traffic light near the bridge, take a left to go down to Kesas/MRR2. Keep left and you'll soon see the Awan Besar R&R exit in about 400 meters.

Dengkil R&R is just after the Putrajaya/Cyberjaya exit.


Posted on Mar 30 2004, 07:18 PM
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After the tol, keep to your left, go up the bridge, then make a right then another right.

user posted image
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  4. SIC Track Day 3rd April 2004 9am-12pm



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