Drift Clinic

November 2004 Saturday

It is held at Sepang International Circuit, behind the pits' Car Park. Cement roughen floor. Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 60 per entrant.

Sorry no pictures - didn't bring camera - hands full preparing car, bring spare tires and tools, making sure tire pressure and all and finally concentrating on the Q for next driving. Very busy..........hands full, as well as eyes full, unfortunately no girls. :(

Please visit the organizer's MSN group at - Race . Rally . Research for future events - they are known as R3. However the MSN group was not created before this and no discussion records were made.


Update 9th May 2004 (Sunday) - Overdue Story / Report

This is the 1st Drift Event ever organized officially in Malaysia. Due to it being the 1st time, the organizers made it a "Clinic" as oppose to "Competition" originally suggested. Thank god. I would not have entered because I know I can't drift to shxt.

The story of how it all started.........

Some time around middle 2003 - A forum topic was finally started in www.zerotohundred.com on having a drift competition in the lovely, but quiet motorsport industry of Malaysia. The organizers are doing it on the basis of "Enthusiasts for enthusiasts".

The event was originally envisaged to cost Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 100 per entrant. It is to be held in an open space with water sprinklers.

After much discussions between the volunteering organizers and fellow friends and new friends, all potential participants, it finally narrow down to the above mentioned event. The location, date and time was finally set.

Thanks to all the feedbacks to the organizers. It turned from a competition to clinic :) - or else I would not have the courage to participate.


Drift Clinic Report

The night before the event, late, changed the wheels from 195/50R15 to 175/70R13. However only the rear wheels fit. The front does not fit anymore, because it touches the coilover's spring. Previously not coilover, where the OEM spring seat much higher on the top. It is late, spacers will have to be acquired tomorrow.

Wah, so tired, taking out tires and putting them back. Wasted energy and effort. :( The whole point is to conserve my 195/50R15 for daily use. I don't want to thrash them bad.

The next day, which is drifting day. went to a tire workshop and bought the spacers. Two 7mm thick spacers required for each side in order for the 175/70R13 to fit. I wonder what off-set are they on???

After that along the way to Drift Clinic. Stop by a small typical run-down motorcycle shop to buy a helmet :) hehehehe last minute :) hahaha

I reached a bit late, due to work duty on Saturday. I missed the course walk-through, where briefing, explanation, advice given by Tengku Djan.

As I reached, the 1st batch of drive through just started.

I find myself - lost unknown where to actually join in the Q, who / which organizer to see, as I only knew Tengku Djan, and he was in the car taking all the participants in their own car for a drive through.

Finally I met up with Adian, another organizer, and he set me on the Q. Alright, good, I didn't miss the real deal :)

Slowly I find Jonn Leow (Proud owner of AE86 Levin, nick = Leviathan in www.zerotohundred.com) and Q along with him. Then I met up with Alvin and Peter Lee (Another proud owner of a Track-Prep AE86) and we Q together. Thanks for the company guys :)

Allot of FF cannot drift, obviously. Of the few FR (over-whelmed by FF participants) also could not drift. To be frank and honest, most do not practice and are newbies.

The participants turn out was initially around 40, but they keep coming and coming in late up till around 60+.

However that day introduce me to two new drivers and their friends. The Nissan group. Their name / group is already famed long, however I have not seen them in action before.....

The white 180SX with SR20_DETT was great. Extremely well showmanship drift. Salutee. The other is a A31 Cefiro modified turbo too. There was another blue S13 as well as white/black 180SX and the lots....

They were the only real drifters that day....... all others were...... newbies. (Sorry guys, news got to be honest)

Originally I was on all 175/70R13. After two laps of severe under-steering - unable to drift or even throw the rear out. A serious consultation was needed with Tengku Djan and he said I should have kept the 195/50R15 for fronts. I told him that I've got two in my trunk and quickly he says go change them now.

Luckily I also carry with me a two tons mini jack and positive bar tires' nut wrench. It makes changing the tires allot more easier. Still, it is extremely tiring under the hot sun, waiting in a Q of cars idling and blowing hot air, and poisonous exhaust.

After changing the tires, Tengku Djan very kindly drove my car for a demonstration / instruction. The 1st sharp right-hander 180 turn was serious tail-swing, nearly out of control. The 2nd left corner went tail-out and stop. He says there are too much grip now in the front than before. So of he goes back to the starting line and repeat the run.

This time, Tengku Djan manages to adapt to my car much much better. 1st 180 turn, hand brakes. Good, 2nd left turning, he drifted and manages to pull-away continuing the drifting and maintaining. He also manages to control the direction very well. The 3rd, 4th, 5th, right and left and right. One after another.

Oh my god...... no words can describe. He only drove my car in less than 1 minute and he can perform all the drift techniques necessary. The lines where not perfect, however my guess is with another 10 laps of practice, he'll be able to master "my" car. I feel a-shame to be honest..... :(

It's the driver ......... not the car ............. finally I wake up to the reality of drifting.

After that, I got another 3 runs. They were much more action than the previous first two laps. I could power-over initiate a drift, carry it over a little. Counter steering of course. 33% of the time I could carry it enough to the next corner. Out of control a little, fish-tail recovery, then the next corner. 33% of the time I will be spinning to a stop :0 hahahahahahah

(Sorry guys, as much as I like to lie. I can't and I won't - I can't drift and I've got to admit it.)

Finally the day ends and ......... to my surprised.... the Proton's drivers are here, together with them were "Waja" new models by Proton, FF. They paired drifted ...... I went silent and will keep this one conclusion until now. They went paired drifted connecting corner to corner, from beginning to the end and repeated that 3 times, full lap.


Drifting. It's not about cars. It's all about the driver's skill. And I've got to admit, I've got no skill. I never practice either...... I wonder why? Must be the tires too expensive.......... nah ....... plain irresponsible. No discipline... hahahaaha


Tengku Djan's feedback about my car and the setup.

Suspension by TiTAN is fine. No good comment, no bad. Definitely a pass. Steering turning radius too big, not good for quick action. Steering feels too light, no feedback.

Will be looking into all those.............

Tengku Djan have yet to test drive my car since, where much improvements have been made. Will get him to try it one day.


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