Street ShootOut 3 (SSO3)

8th May 2004

Report dated 18th April 2004

Official Program by R3

Please visit the organizer's MSN group at - Race . Rally . Research for further information and discussion.

Update 9th May 2004 (Sunday)

Please notice the left hand bar for submission of entry. Many people missed this.

Please also realize that this is a: -

hence allot of people are anxious to join / enter, therefore please check the Race . Rally . Research MSN Group often, even though not many posting.

Well that's only because the posting are more serious than allot of other local forums. Not to mention there seems to be plenty of "real" automotive engineers, mechanicals engineers, hence most visitors are ........ careful on their postings :) hehehehehh including me :) - don't want to make a worst fool out of me self :) hahahahah -

Anyway, what I wanted to say was - during the last 24 hours of entry opening submission - on-line through the left hand bar link - please visit the site every 30 minutes.

Really - no kidding. Entries for Time Attack was literally full in the 1st 30 minutes of the on-line application submission. It even surprised the organizers.


Personal Memo

Hahahaah, another car breaking down incident. Sister was driving my car for work. Called and tell me that she cannot engaged the gear. Date Thursday, two days to SSO3. No shxt............. this can't be happening.......... this is way to coincidental like the last SSO2, which cause me to pull-out last minute. It is a shame as well as a waste not to participate.

After work, went to my regular mechanic's workshop and go to where my sister abandoned the car together with my sister, where her colleague very kindly gave her a lift back to office near the workshop.

It was traffic jam as hell that night. Wondered why?

BTW, can you guess where did my sister abandon my heart-felt favorite car? Please email me, if you win, you'll be named and small prize given :)

Once reach, the clutch pump still hold oils and when I try to clutch my mechanic noticed that the clutch pump's fire wall cracked and gave way. No wonder the gear cannot be engaged.

I suggest to put something between it and my 4 throttles as temporary measure and my mechanic managed to use a battery clamp to do the job.

The usual battery clamping screw is removed and swap for another screw that was the right length (after knocking the clamp heads closer to each other) and screw it into the throttle 4 bottom. A cable tie is then used to make sure the battery clamp does not fall to the wrong direction.

The car is started and clutch depressed. It works. Upon release of clutch the vibration from the engine transmit fully through the contacts onto the legs. Dam, I didn't know engine vibrates that much....... It looks so clam from the out side :) hahaha

to be continued



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