Street ShootOut 4 (SSO4) Time Attack & Drift Challenge

Event Dated 4th & 5th December 2004

Report dated 1st March 2005

Please visit the organizer's MSN group at - Race . Rally . Research for further information and discussion.

The event in separated into two main parts, namely Time Attack and the other is Drift Challenge and both are held at slightly different venue. The Time Attack is at Sepang International Circuit's closed car park while the Drift Challenge is in the real F1 race track. Assume it's two different event. Two different objective.

I don't have much to say because it's been a long time and I forgot everything. My only regrets are not able to convert all these videos into VCD and pass to all the friends. If anyone is going to help me do it, please let me know. I only have one wish. I hope to be the director.

The drift videos was not released before, hence here they are (updated 12th October 2005 - 10 months late)

  1. SSO4_drift\1_journey.wmv Journey to Sepang International Circuit (F1 Race Track) 12MB

  2. SSO4_drift\2_into_pit.wmv Going into the Pit Stop for preparation 15MB

  3. SSO4_drift\3_briefing.wmv Initial Drift Briefing by Tengku Djan 10MB

  4. SSO4_drift\4_pit.wmv Pit Stop again showing cars and girls (disclaimer I wasn't the cameraman, those BF mad where their GF was taped don't come looking for me, I ain't taking responsibility) 9MB

  5. SSO4_drift\5_queue.wmv Drift Racers on queue before start of practice run 7MB

  6. SSO4_drift\6_practise.wmv Practice runs 70MB

  7. SSO4_drift\7_practise_2.wmv Practice runs - session two 79MB

  8. SSO4_drift\8_drift.wmv Drifters being judged 61MB

  9. SSO4_drift\9_ah_fai_vs_ariff.wmv Ah Fai Cefiro RB something turbo versus Ariff modified turbo 10MB

  10. SSO4_drift\A_yung_s13_vs_black_car.wmv Yung S13 turbo versus Black Car looks like a BMW if so, is AUTOMATIC transmission, hence hands-down, big bow for getting a BMW 328 probably AUTO to drift. 8MB

  11. SSO4_drift\B_zee_180_vs_faizal_elise.wmv Famous ZEE 180 turbo versus Faizal (Proton) Lotus Elise 17MB

  12. SSO4_drift\C_AE86_T_Djan_vs_TE72.wmv Tengku Djan AE86 rumoured to be 7A-GE NA versus TE72 NA 10MB

  13. SSO4_drift\D_AE86_T_Djan_vs_Faizail_Elise.wmv Tengku Djan AE86 7A-GE versus Faizal Lotus Elise 16MB

  14. SSO4_drift\E_ah_fai_cefiro_vs_yung_s13.wmv Ah Fai Cefiro turbo versus Yung S13 turbo 10MB

  15. SSO4_drift\F_faizail_elise_vs_ah_fai_cefiro.wmv Faizal Lotus Elise versus Ah Fai Cefiro turbo 13MB

  16. SSO4_drift\G_AE86_T_Djan_vs_ah_fai_cefiro.wmv Tengku Djan AE86 versus Ah Fai Cefiro turbo 18MB

SSO4_drift\AVSEQ08 - drift.DAT by Allan

There were some close calls between the drift fights, especially from Tengku Djan AE86 with others and Faizal Lotus Elise with others and are seriously recommended for download.

Other local heros like Zee S13, Ah Fai Cefiro, Yung S13 are extremely commendable and dam exiting to watch, hence DO NOT miss this download either. You will not regret. Guaranteed


My plans are: -

  1. Must put Race . Rally . Research link to every video file beginning

  2. Hopefully put my site also :)

  3. Wish to intro the organizer seriously. We've already got their faces in the videos, no need to ask permission to use it. Directly snap-shot and fire away detailing their credits :) - hehehhe sorry guys, put you all organizers on the table. Hey you guys deserve it man. Seriously.

These videos are finally released late because the above dreams did not come true, but since Adian (one of the head organizer) is going to organize the next event. It is my hope to release these videos in hope to help them promote the event more successfully.

I hope you all Organizers especially, participants and audience will like it. Please feel free to give comments in Race . Rally . Research MSN Group.

Much thanks extended to the camera man banzai @ Chang or without you, all of these videos will not be available. I represent all downloaders and viewers thank you gratefully.

DAT video files are courtesy QiW @ Allan from Thanks Allan :)


Disclaimer to the winners of each respective. Sorry that I am unable to provide your in car videos, because everyone knows you guys are the regular winners (sifusss / masterssss) hence I was shy to request to put the video cam inside in case troubled or disturbed you hence ............

These videos are not for sale or rent or whatever purpose. These videos ........... technically are copyrights of Race . Rally . Research



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