Street ShootOut

28th February 2004 Saturday

Sorry no pictures - didn't bring camera - hands full driving car

The organizer's MSN group at - Race . Rally . Research - they are known as R3. However the MSN group was not created before this and no discussion records were made.

It is held at Sepang International Circuit's behind the pit Car Park. Cement roughen floor.

8 laps in all

first 2 laps trial / practice - many went drifting - or should I say many attempted to drift but only the few masters managed well and showed us newbie's :)

Second 2 laps time record - many gave up drifting and went for time, including me. Except the few drift-fanatics still taking the opportunity of a laid out environment for safe drifting.

Third 2 laps trial / practice again - many forego drifting and concentrate on time now. Except me, happily went back to make experiment in hope to learn drifting.

final 2 laps time record - nearly all gave up drifting. Except the few hard-core drifters and me. I decided to give up time and go for drift learning because Jimmy gave me a good advice. "How many chance do you have a well laid out track to learn drifting and make radical experiment and be safe?"

Thanks for the advice Jimmy, I owe you one.

Details to come later - tired - sleep :)


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