Street ShootOut 2 (SSO2)

17th April 2004 Saturday

Sorry no pictures - Event not allowed because held in Proton Hicom Shah Alam's Test Track.

For official information, please visit the organizer's MSN group at - Race . Rally . Research - they are known as R3

Personal Memo: -

Power Steering Rack & Pinion found leaking oil badly at TiTAN when Richard removed the rubber bag to adjust the steering heavier. This is on 30th March 2004 Tuesday. The car will be seeing action SIC Track Day 3rd April 2004 9am-12pm hence there is not enough time to overhaul the power steering rack & pinion. Too close to 3rd April 2004.

This must be due to recent driving of the car forcefully into the much wanted under-steer. A serious lesson to be learnt.....

Finally the car is sent for power steering rack & pinion overhaul on 11th April Sunday. Oil seals cannot be found on Sunday.

Monday - 1st batch of oil seals came, but installation was not careful enough where the seal's internal surface / ring slightly cut / slice on the gears and cause MAJOR oil leak. The car stay in workshop for the 2nd night.

Tuesday - Morning - 2nd batch of oil seals came, still unsuccessful, due to the same problem.

Tuesday - Late Afternoon - 3rd batch of oil seals came, change mechanic and using a different method of installation. Successful. Car is collected 9:00 pm.

Friday: -

Mid Afternoon - Sister called to say dashboard meter all dead, she is near to our regular mechanic, therefore she will go there immediately. Mechanic found fuse 10AMP for meters blown. Replace and OK.

Late Afternoon - Sister called, same problem. Went to workshop, mechanic found power steering rack & pinion leaking oil like urinating. Shxt SSO2 is tomorrow.

Mechanic removed and dissect power steering rack & pinion without realizing SSO2 is tomorrow. Spare parts not available. Mechanic refused to re-install power steering rack & pinion in faulty condition and use without oil.

Night - Just realized that car safety scrutineering ends 11:00 am and that this event is held at Proton Hicom Shah Alam's Test Track, where security is extremely tight, and that this is the first time the test track is open to public. My car will never be ready by 11:00 am. SMS organizers to surrender SSO2 position to anyone required.

Saturday: -

Morning - Yoga (SSO2 Time Attack Participant) gave a lift to visit SSO2 morning session "drifting" - took helmet.

After lunch SSO2 Time Attack start at nearly 2:00 pm as opposed to original 1:00 pm.

Shxt,....... if I knew this, I would have gone to the workshop to bring my car. 2:00 PM surely the repair would have finished and I have ample time to come. It is not far from the workshop.

Personal Memo Ends.


Time Attack Spectator Report

Position - From the bridge - View coverage 90% - View clarity Extremely Excellent.

The beginning of the race was ....... haywire. It is suspected that allot of participants did not download the course map for study. Around 50% went the wrong direction. Some can be seen as out-right too fast into the corners and they missed it. Some can be seen as "did not read the course map" before entry.

This is partly due to the organizer's MSN group having low "posts" activity and many did not log-on constantly to check. This is my guess. Still it is always the participants responsibility to obtain whatever information required before the start. Especially course map if available.

The race was conducted two cars at once. Where one needs to go through a section of closely spaced cones to be slowed so that the other car may move forward and they will be gapped and take the course safely.

However due to the participants' mistakes some runs were seen where the cars would eventually face each other. Several runs where like this.

The race was stopped and more items / signs / cones / tyres were used and placed much closer between gaps to mark proper routes and direction. Lost a good 30 minutes.

After the course improvement, everything improved and very little people go through the wrong direction. :)

Details to come later - tired - sleep :)


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