Street ShootOut 1 dot 5

Event Dated 17th April 2004

This event is held at Danga Bay of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Please visit the organizer's MSN group at - Race . Rally . Research for further information and discussion.

The event in separated into two main parts, namely Time Attack and the other is Drift Challenge. However we only managed to video record the time attack and not the drift. So sorry.

Much thanks extended to the camera man AE80typeD @ Khairul of without you, the videos will not be available. I represent all downloaders and viewers thank you gratefully.


Time Attack video around 1 hour of playback 263MB.

  1. sso1dot5_practise.wmv

  2. sso1dot5_1.wmv

  3. sso1dot5_2.wmv

  4. sso1dot5_cars_girls.wmv

  5. sso1dot5_ending_party.wmv



The video is not for sale or rent or whatever purpose. The video ........... technically is copyrights of Race . Rally . Research



Sorry, no time to write proper review. Extremely busy with work now. Working 9am till 12am everyday including sat and sun. Reviews will be updated later.




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