TiTAN Suspension

TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla KE70

Update 25th Nov 2012 - still using TiTAN suspension, still very pleased with the services and charges, good quality and reasonable, especially consider it's robust resistance to damage.


Day 1 - First contact (15 Sep 2003)

What makes TiTAN so special? They custom make suspension to any vehicle and: -

They are Malaysians, understanding the Malaysians driving habit, experience the Malaysia's inconsistent road quality, knows the Malaysian weather and finally proprietary design and manufacture absorbers for Malaysians.

TiTAN was first contacted by email and the response was normal. I reply stating my working schedule is 6 days week and that I don't have the luxury of time to visit them and needs to discuss everything in email, and when a dealing conclusion is met, I'll go there. At the same time I gave them links to my Suspension Upgrade Journey.

Mr How (boss) {{{but left the company of the hands of the brother Richard HOW around late 2004}}} around of TiTAN replied with a no nonsense remark and ask me to go visit them - just for a talk. From his reply I sense that he has seen my Suspension Upgrade Journey story and probably understands the misery I'm going through.

This affected me and I immediately look for their address and maps on the internet of how to go. www.streetdirectory.com.sg

After the directions were found, I called Mr How +60193360421 {{{in future call Richard HOW +60133506561}}} immediately to express my interest to visit him but I finish work at 6:30pm which he would have left. Mr How assures me that he will wait for me to go see him. So the appointment is made for 7:30pm.

After I reached, we introduced each other and Richard (one of the most important person) ask me to pick a demo car to test. There was a CIVIC and CEFIRO. I op to take the CIVIC and was shock and amazed by it's performance and comfort.

The suspension is very hard, cannot be pushed down easily. With my full weight it only went down less than 5 mm. However the ride comfort is contradictingly good. It didn't felt like performance suspension. It felt even more comfortable than stock suspension.

I fell in love immediately and knew this is the solution I need.

My car was then risen for checking. TiTAN found out that at resting my front have resting and maximum stroke of 7.5cm which is OK, but the rear only have 0.5 cm of stroke. Therefore do not use TRD 48531-TA491 it is simply wrong. No wonder the rear is always not touching the ground. :( can't believe found out so late. Well, that's also my fault, previously I added two very thick rubbers to off-set the rear height. 

After the testing ride, Mr How invite me into the office lounge and fires away talking as if we were long lost old friends. He told me many things about their products, how they became to be, how they struggles, how foreign absorber parts does not withstand local conditions (weather and lousy roads). He also tells the story of his ups and down.

I think he talked for 90% of the time and I listen and absorb it all. It is a rare ........................... encounter.

The decision was made to let them settle my problems once and for all. I've got a spare front strut at home, which I'll bring tomorrow for them to start the modification preparation work.

The solution is said to be front coilover, while rear remains separate coil and telescopic absorber. The total cost is Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 2,800 <2003>, as of writing now 2012 it's heard to be around RM3,400 or more ??? please check their latest website. 

We eventually had dinner at 10:30pm and keep the conversation going and we have to part at 11:30pm and leave to rest for tomorrow's work. Thank you Mr How for buying the dinner.


  1. Day 1 - First contact
  2. Day 2 - Deliver the front strut
  3. Day 3 - Bill Sherwood, Gary and Sunny Testing TITAN's CEFIRO
  4. Day 4 - Absorber Testing Record
  5. Day 5 - Inspecting the new coilover
  6. Day 6 - Installation Starts
  7. Day 7 - Installation Finishes
  8. Day 8 - Minor Adjustment
  9. Day 9 - TITAN Test Drive
  10. Day 10 - Final Adjustments
  11. Day 11 - Humans are Greedy
  12. Day 12 - Finale
  13. Day 13 - Self Improvements
  14. Day 14 - Reduce front spring rate


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