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The understanding of basic suspension must be thanked to School of Acoustics and Electronic Engineering of Salford University in their course of B.Eng. (Hons.) Electroacoustics. The course is now ceased and replaced by B.Sc. (Hons.) Acoustics. It's the same anyway.

You must be wondering what has Acoustics got anything to do with Suspension?

Well, first we have to think about things in TIME DOMAIN. A suspension moves / vibrate because TIME lapse. If there is no TIME, there will be no movement. Now that we've establish the importance of TIME, we'll study everything in TIME world, scientifically known as TIME DOMAIN.

The second thing to note about everything in this world is that everything seems to be repeating itself. One example is the "Simple Harmonic Motion" from the "Equation of Motion".

From this theory, the coil spring is often used as example. This is where the basics of suspension is learned from - in Acoustics.

The coil spring will not move / vibrate if there is no mass (a car's weight) is now involved. Mass is used as the calculation media because a car's weight will change during cornering where different levels of G forces is acting on different parts of the car's body.

Finally damping is studied.

The complete mathematical explanation will be provided later. This is for me to practice lost maths. :)


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