TiTAN Suspension

Effective Absorbers Repairs

Whoever wishes to repair absorbers are warned not to use welding to seal off the hole, which was used to drain out the old oil and put in new ones.

This information was verbally given by TITAN.

The temporary high heat from the welding will kill of some oils. The dead oils will then contaminate and kill of the rest of the good oils. This process is quite fast - within 6 months.

Tips / Advice: -

From here is not by TITAN but my own idea.

Therefore use this instead: -

The best parts are: -

  1. Not affected by OIL, WATER, PETROL, CHEMICALS
  2. Withstand temperatures up to 600 Fahrenheit or 315 Celsius

Make a curve plate to cover the hole perfectly and apply this wonder glue to seal it. The question now is will the oil in the absorber be contaminated with this glue instead???

Or another alternative at the cost of Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 10 only


  1. TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla KE70
  2. TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla AE82
  3. TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla AE86 (Levin / Trueno)


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