TiTAN Suspension

Why TiTAN?

TiTAN was first heard of by word of mouth from friends, mostly veteran car enthusiasts compared to me. It is known because a "local" suspension manufacturer is asked for. I always support local industry.

Suspension as we know it are simply consist of two main components. The first being the coil spring. Second is the absorber.

Coil springs are not secret product, they can be manufactured by anyone, as long as one has the capitol to start a coil spring factory. There are no gimmicks here, nor rocket science technology.

Coil springs' science is simple, well known and established very early in this modern century. There is no difficulty here. Therefore I do not see why I should not buy a local made coil spring.

Side Notes

The absorber is also a very simple device. It's job is to null the vibration received at the coil spring. One should realise that absorber works on acceleration. The faster the rate of change the more resistance is met. The slower the acceleration, the least resistance is met.

However absorber null the vibration of the coil spring by taking away the kinetic energies in the coil springs and convert it into heat and dissipated.

This becomes a tricky business, because products involving sudden acceleration are always met with high stress, wear and tear. In short they don't last. Heat is also involved which torture the materials even further and reduces it's lifespan.

Since the absorber is so complex in it's durability and lifespan, why buy local? why not buy the established brand? or the expensive brand? Answers in Side Notes 2

So, what makes TiTAN so special? 

To find out, we visit TiTAN.


  1. TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla KE70
  2. TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla AE82
  3. TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla AE86 (Levin / Trueno)


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