Suspension Upgrade Journey


  1. Upgrade Rear Absorber to TRD
  2. Upgrade Front Absorber to TRD
  3. 911 Zentrum Absorber Testing
  4. Shopping
  5. Front Rear Suspension Re-work
  6. Coilovers and Camber Adjusters
  7. Upgrade Rear Coil Again (serious theories) - more like serious bullshxt now :)
  8. Upgrade Rear Absorber Again
  9. Wheel to Hub - CENTERER


Suspension by TiTAN




TiTAN Suspension


The upgrade journey ends at TiTAN

Previously the word "probably" was used for reserve just in case the GODs forbid and punish me :) hehehehehe, however seems like GODs willing.......... I shall be rewarded with the fruit to safety, performance, comfort and enjoyment of driving.

They are Malaysians, understanding the Malaysians driving habit, experienced the Malaysia's inconsistent road conditions and / or quality, knows the Malaysian weather (climate, temperature, humidity) and finally proprietary design and manufacture absorbers for Malaysians.

challenge - if you can damage the absorber by legitimate driving, please take it back and get your refund. The last I heard, a little Perodua Kelisa Rally jump sky high and fell and broke the rims, but the absorber is still in one piece and working properly. Now this is called durability and longevity.


  1. TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla KE70
  2. TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla AE82
  3. TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla AE86 (Levin / Trueno)


  1. Side Notes
  2. Side Notes 2
  3. Side Notes 3
  4. Side Notes 4
  5. Effective Absorbers Repairs


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