My Car 

Toyota Corolla 1.3 GL 1982 

Simply known as KE70

full code KE70R-EEMNS

now AE70R-EEMNF _ _ PS :)

My mom as a 2nd owner, bought the car since 1984 but it is now under my sister's name. 1st owner bought it in 1982. It is now over 21 years old and the engine have travelled 456,000 km.

Since I graduated and return from England, (very free, no work) I was stuck on Initial_D the cartoon allot and wanted one :) but since my family already have a KE70, which I think is similar, therefore I search for information on the internet to see if I could make the KE70 into a AE86 like wannabe :)

(thanks to everyone on the net who contributed and you all know who you are - most can be found in Research

And I found AE86 and KE70 highly identical where I can use allot of parts from AE86 readily like the T50 gearbox, T293 rear axle etc, not to mention the 20v 4A-GE.

Since my mom never take care of the car, where everything is worn, spoilt, damaged, you name it, so there are plenty of excuse to ...... hehehehhehe ..... upgrade it. This is how it is / what it has become :)

So, it is only appropriate for me to steal the car for myself from my family and fitted it with a used engine transplanted from a: - 

Hey, take it easy, I bought a new car for my mom :) It's a Perodua Kenari (Daihatsu Move). Very economical to run :) 

Notice the distributor relocation to the front of the engine, which was originally from the rear??? wonder how we did it??? See Distributor Re-location to the Front


The original gearbox was K50 and has been replaced by a normal ratio T50 gearbox from AE86 with gear ratios. A TRD close ratio type #1 is compared.

T50 normal gear ratios max km/h at 8000 rpm Shift up gear and the rpm will drop to Lost of rpm   T50 TRD close ratio type #1 max km/h at 8000 rpm Shift up gear and the rpm will drop to Lost of rpm
1st 3.587 59 4510 3490   2.347 90 5907 2093
2nd 2.022 104 5476 2524   1.733 122 6366 1634
3rd 1.384 152 5780 2220   1.379 153 6637 1363
4th 1.000 211 6888 1112   1.144 184 6993 1007
5th 0.861 245       1.000 211    
reverse 3.480 61              
final differential ratio 4.1         4.1      

and rear axles from AE86 - Model T293 with a Final Differential Ratio of 4.1. The 4.1 is assumed to be in place as oppose to the more demanding 4.3 because on actual drive test using 5th gear at 3,500 rpm register a speed of around 110km/h, which using theoretical formula gave 107km/h.

When substituted by the 4.3 final, the theoretical speed reduce to 102km/h only. This is far different from 110, therefore the 4.1 is assumed.


The AE101's entire air-cond system and dashboard, dashboard controls, steering column are also transplanted into KE70. Including accelerator pedal and who knows what, nearly everything anyway :)

When the engine was being transplanted, I personally extended the EFI wiring loom, by cutting one wire at a time and finding the exact colour match including thread colour and number of dots. They are all soldered and heat shrink wrapped. It took 5 nights to do it all after work everyday. OK, not all wires are extended with the correct colour or thread or dot. Exactly 18 out of 21 are correct, while 3 is slightly off :(


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