now AE70R-EEMNF _ _  PS

Originally it was KE70R-EEMNS


  1. K = Engine block family type K (If A = block type A, which in now)
  2. E = Corolla family
  3. 70 = Body series / generation
  4. R = Right hand drive
  5. - (dash) does not mean anything
  6. E = Repeat of point 2.
  7. E = 4 door sedan
  8. M = 5 speed manual transmission floor mounted
  9. N = Trim level or grade at MID level (general)
  10. S = Single Cam, single carburetor (now F = high performance twincam, EFI)
  11. blank = Destination Japan or general.
  12. blank = normal rear axle beam 
  13. spacing
  14. blank = Manual rack and pinion (PS = Power Steering)

Since the original engine model 4K (K Block) is replaced by 4A-GE (A Block) and so is the simple single cam, single carb. gone replaced by G, which signifies high performance twincam, and finally E = EFI. Power steering is also added, therefore it is only appropriate to re code it as AE70R-EEMNS   PS.

Haha, I wonder what reaction / thoughts will Toyota's designers, engineers, management teams have. Renegade Toyota, not officially authorized. Haha ahahah hah ah ah h aha


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