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Before I began my car restoration project / engine transplant. I made significant searches on the internet about AE86, KE70, Toyota, 4A-GE and many other various essentials / extra components as I learn. 


Thanks also to Mr. LOW Jwo Shong for loaning me: -

        AUTOMOTIVE Engines 

        by Crouse & Anglin 

        (8th Edition) 

        published by (GLENCOE) McGRAW-HILL International Editions

        under Automotive Technology Series 

        ISBN 0-07-113884-6 

        priced at Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 70 when he purchased it. 

Extremely value for $$$ and loads of fundamental information, which will not lead you to wrong understanding in future readings of automotive technology. MUST READ. It covers all the fundamentals and gave me very solid foundations about engines.


Presented below are links to other websites that I have read allot from and recommends them to you. 


The 1st 3 websites are most fundamental and covers most of the topic I needed. For these I read more than 10 times over many months repeatedly, because I did not understand the car mechanical vocabulary that were used.


Other websites were also read more than 3 times without fail.


Regardless, you may now reference them all in this page without slowly digging them out from the internet searches. I used allot.


However has been more favorable to me. Search under "Toyota KE70" appears as well as "Engine Tilting" ehhehe, very happy.




Thanks to all these people for their contribution to the world.


No. 1 Bill Sherwood (wow speechless)


No.2 Phil Bradshaw (smallest MB website but most info)


No.3  Club 4AG (ahhhhhhhh the famous Club 4AG :)  )






Autoshop 101 (then click on "Technical Articles")

(official Toyota EFI system breakdown in 60 over PDFs) [serious shxt]


 Simple Digital System (EFI and engines fundamentals)


to download it all individually


 Racing_Strong(a lot of MR2 stuff)


Toy Mods'




Good Stories / Other Interesting Relevant Sites


Mr SEE Wen Yea's TE71


Bob Norwood's Fastest MR2 SW20 in the world


Mark's Corolla Site oldskool KE25 / TE72 (will ceased November 04)


 (new side of Mark's Corolla) Toy Crazy


ToySport's Technical 4A-G 20v


 Ray Hall Turbocharging (SALE)


 Corolla Performance


 Toyota Celica Online


   Toyota Information (TE72)









(once alive, now lost in cyberspace)


Stepho's Site (essentials, can't modify without) [so sad itís gone]


TRD Absorbers (TRD shocks spec.)


TRD (TRD website???)


TOKICO Absorbers (read the tech / faq, very enlightening)


4AG-E 20Valve Engine Repair Manual (read on-line) site exist, link broken.


Autozine Virtual Technical School by Mark Wan 

(Extremely well put automotive fundamentals and breakdown explanation)


GUNTER (famous he is)


Tuoppi's Toyota Web Pages


The MR2 AW11 Archives


MR2 Put Up or Shut Up


20v Levin Engine Installation Notes (one of my favorite story)


 AE111 Police Cars


 Westfield Sports Cars using 4A-G (LOCOST)


Bjorn (allot of cars including AE86)


 K&N Air Filters Cars highlight missing.


Unichips (piggy bag for stock ECU) site exists but unichip no longer highlighted.


Indigoid's Web Logs


AW11 4A-G 20v





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