Top Formula 1 Motor Flush

May have damaged the engine !!!

18th January 2004

It was used on previous date (forgot) in hope to clean the internals of the engine until shiny :). However it is not as good as expect. The internals stayed as dirty as before. No change.

The liquid is very thin and looks like regular carosin reddish transparent. 

Application record

  1. pour into engine took 55 seconds
  2. start car and let idle until 5:55 and shut down
  3. mechanic came back to open oil drain plug at 7 minutes +
  4. engine oil drain 90% at 9 minutes +
  5. engine oil drain 99% at 11 minutes +
  6. close back the oil drain plug 13 minutes +
  7. pour in new engine oil 17 minutes +
  8. start car and idle for 1 minute - sounds fine.

New engine oil is Shell Helix 15w-50 fully synthetic. Only 3 liters used. Engine oil level 80% to F mark.


Engine does not ping anymore. Timing can be increased to 12 degrees :) Engine performance also good. But after 4,000 km engine starts to slow dramatically, extremely noisy, etc.

Around 5,000 km fuel economy reduced from 40 liters for 400 km to 300 km only. The next full tank reduced to 250 km only. This is extremely terrible and a new engine oil change is applied. Reverting back to Castrol RS 10w-60 fully synthetic.

Engine pinging returned - cannot maintain 12 degrees timing. Reduce to 9 degrees.

Why did the Shell Helix died so fast? Previously Castrol RS lasted well over 9,000 km.

It was found later that Shell Helix's temperature flash point is only 200 celcius, while Castrol RS, Mobil 1 and others is either 235 or 245 celcius.

Could this is the culprit?

Or could it be the last Motor Flush's residue killed the Shell Helix? Highly possible.

The fast, effective engine cleaner, removes dirt and sludge.

Danger: Harmful or fatal is swallowed. Read back panel carefully.

Net contents 30FL. OZ. 885ml

Top formula 1 motor flush removes ? ? as combustion by products. Frees ? ? ? ?. May be used to clean internal engine when overhaul.

1. Be sure oil is at recommended level
2. Add product to crankcase and allow engine run for 5 minutes at idle speed
3. Drain oil while engine is warm
4. Change to new oil filter, Replace drain plus and fill with new oil.

Danger: Contains petroleum dis. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not use near heat, sparks, x or x of ignition. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. See doctor immediately.


How it may have damaged the engine: -

Service history.

Engine was 1st transplanted into the car around September 2002. The engine did not enjoy overhaul and rebuilt. It was used as is from the half-cut. There was some oil around the engine. Cannot be confirmed as leaking because looks acceptable. The old engine oil was also used without oil change nor oil filter change.

September 2002

20th February 2003

Still consider literally no leak. During this time the ??? engine oil changed when ???

Then on 3rd May 2003

Some oil found around the oil pan edge may be leaking !!!!!! may be previous oil leak from oil filter change. Unknown.


So it was the racing driving that started killing the engine ....... Not the motorflush ............... regardless. It didn't clean the internals :(



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