Solution & Bigger Oil Cooler Upgrade

4th January 2004 

After some discussion with experienced oil cooler friends. It is found that a smaller oil filter can be used to allow extra distance to safeguard heat invasion to the extractors. Wish this was figured out and the oil cooler would have been installed. :(

Please compare smaller oil filter: -


4AG specific Oil Filters 90915-YZZC5 seems to be the smallest one amongst them.

Please note that the smaller oil filter is not specified for 4A-G or 3S-G. However they are approved from 4A-F and 3S-F and the likes. Changing to a smaller filter will probably means earlier filter change and/or flow restriction which affects oil pressure???

Still a oil filter relocation kit would be a better solution.

Regardless. During these free time the supplier of the oil cooler set brought a larger cooler unit for swap. This was from my previous request. Good supplier :)

Please compare the Toyota cooler against a L300 cooler: -

Below cleaning: -

After paint remover cleaning: -


If one counts the oil tubes / passage. One would find that this unit is slightly one times larger than the previous one. 12.5 slightly shorter rows against 5 slightly longer rows. Lets hope this would dramatically reduce oil temperature without sacrificing oil pressure.


  1. Introducing Oil Cooler
  2. Cleaning Oil Cooler
  3. Install Oil Cooler
  4. Solution & Bigger Oil Cooler Upgrade
  5. Oil Filter Relocation
  6. All Installed Finally
  7. Minor Correction
  8. Water Temperature
  9. Re-route Water Direction for 4A-GE 20v Engine from FF Chassis to FR Chassis KE70 or AE86



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