Install Oil Cooler

25th December 2003 Afternoon

Christmas, no where to go, aiiiiiiii lonely driver....... install oil cooler :)

So prepare the oil cooler adaptor sandwitch plate: -



It is a very tight space. The oil pressure cannot tap here anymore, there is no space. Therefore the above 1st picture / solution will not apply. The oil pressure tapping will have to be placed at the cooler entry instead. This install is going to be challenging..........

Too close. The oil filter is off-set outwards and is too close to the extractors...... less than 5 mm distance. This is unfortunate. To have the engine oil cooled, but later to be heated again. This is useless. The extractor will need to be changed 1st.

Give up. Oil cooler cannot be installed today.


  1. Introducing Oil Cooler
  2. Cleaning Oil Cooler
  3. Install Oil Cooler
  4. Solution & Bigger Oil Cooler Upgrade
  5. Oil Filter Relocation
  6. All Installed Finally
  7. Minor Correction
  8. Water Temperature
  9. Re-route Water Direction for 4A-GE 20v Engine from FF Chassis to FR Chassis KE70 or AE86



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