Cleaning Oil Cooler

24th December 2003 Night (0000 hours to 0130 hours)

The oil cooler is cleaned. Paint remover from hardware shop is used. Only 10 for 0.5 liters. It is very strong, not to be touched.

The paint is easily removed in 10 minutes time, however paint in the fins are extremely difficult to reach and requires weird techniques. Like over filling the fins area, brush it hard in hope to force it into the fins and through it. Wait for a few minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly.

Paint chips and pieces is falling out as the water rinse through. While shaking it more chips and pieces falls out.

They kept falling bits by bits. The oil cooler is then lightly knocked onto the sink to force them out quicker. They are plentiful. They can't stop falling out.

The paint remover is used again and the process repeats.......

The entire process took 1.5 hours. The fins area are still not 100%, at most 50%. A blower might force them out quicker. So give up, sleep. 1:30 am. Morning still have to install the oil cooler.......

The results after paint removal: -

Regular hose will be used instead of steel braided, because this is more economical. I'm no rich kid, can't afford new or branded goods.

No attempt will be made to repaint the cooler. This is to hope that heat would be released faster.


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