Propeller Shaft Dynamically BALANCED

14th Jan 2014 (versus last update 10 years ago)

Finally the 2 pieces type is chuck away, and my dream of the 1 straight piece is used PERMANENTLY. It cost Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 50 and took around 15 mins to be balanced. 1080p videos at bottom or youtube link 720p.



Thanks to Bryan of

Kian Leong Co. Clutch Manufacturer


Tai Chong Marine Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

Plot 87 & 88, Hala Perusahaan Menglembu 15, Kawasan Perindustrian Menglembu, Menglembu, 31450, Ipoh, Perak, 31450, Malaysia
+60 5-282 0299


Vibrations are completely gone. Finally enjoy less lost of engine power transfer to the rear axle. I could feel the enormous regain of horse power and torque and most importantly to my new experience of INSTANTANEOUS power delivery, NO LAG. Fuel economy also improved. The old 2 pieces type must have worn out in the mid-point.

The engine is still NOT pointing straight to the rear axle 100% because rear axle head is off-set and the engine is sitting in the middle (taboo), because I didn't use ORIGINAL AE86 mounting. Currently custom mounts are used. I can't imagine how much more torque & horse power can be regained after it is all straighten. Dream dream dream !!!!

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  2. 2 Pieces Propeller Shaft versus 1 Straight Piece Propeller Shaft
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  8. Propeller Shaft Dynamically BALANCED




Video of the dynamic balancing process 1080p

Car/weight_issues/dynamic_balanced/KE70_AE86_propeller_shaft_balancing_1.mp4 76MB

Car/weight_issues/dynamic_balanced/KE70_AE86_propeller_shaft_balancing_2.mp4 197MB

Car/weight_issues/dynamic_balanced/KE70_AE86_propeller_shaft_balancing_3.mp4 119MB

Car/weight_issues/dynamic_balanced/KE70_AE86_propeller_shaft_balancing_4.mp4 171MB


There's an undeniable lingering feeling, hence I've got to say this.

Thanks teacher Bill Sherwood. Thanks group of friends gang of 2002~2005 getogather goers.  The above dedicated to you all.



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