How gearbox shifter work (manual Toyota T50)

16th May 2006

Article below written by Rahmat (cuscostrubrace)

I think you add first and make the sentence easier to understand, coz when I read back, there's a few sentence that kinda blur.

Here's how the shifter work, even though its not the same with T50, but it is something like this, see picture, sorry not beautiful coz I'm having trouble controlling the mouse, haha

The red selector thing connects to the gear stick, I can rotate clockwise and anti clockwise, and can move back and forth. When we check for neutral, we always swing the gear stick left and right, which push the red shaft front and back.

In neutral all the fork shaft is aligned, like in the pic. Let's say we engage 1st gear. We push (push to left if looking from at the pic) the red shaft to the 1-2 gear shaft (black shaft with the fork), then we rotate the red shaft clockwise to the the red bar and push the fork shaft to the front and lock the syncro ring to 1st gear.

second gear:- just rotate the red shaft anti clockwise, pull back the fork out of the 1st gear to lock with second gear, (backward shaft movement)

third:- pull back the fork out of the second gear (rotate clockwise to center position), then pull the red shaft to the right at the central shaft (dark blue) and then rotate it clockwise again, thus pushing the dark blue shaft to the front and engage 3rd gear

4th;-like second gear

5th:-like 3rd gear, only the red shaft have move to extreme right (light blue)

R:-like second gear

It more or less the same with all H pattern manual gearbox,if sequential shift,diffrent style,use rotary cam action.

Thank you Rahmat for the much easy to understand explanation. Much appreciated.



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