Custom Speedo Sensor

Sometime around October 2002

Since this car is made up from a few different car's component, some of it does not match 100%.

One important item is the speedo reading mechanism. The meter gauge that I am using is from the AE101, which is running on a digital (electronic) system, but the speedo sensor (installed in the gearbox T50) that I am using is from AE86, which is analogue, running on cable.

The original AE101 speedo sensor (installed in the gearbox C5x) are not interchangeable with AE86, because their physical shapes are different. The actual reading gear is also different in size. The key is to transfer the reading gear from AE86 type including it's housing (body) to the bottom end of the AE101 type.

Describing it in words may not be effective, therefore a picture will be used to provide detail explanation instead.

So, I think you understand by now. Conclusion, with this custom modification, the speedo meter gauge works and I'll know what speed I'm traveling.



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