911 Zentrum's PRO RS Steel Braided Hoses

7th February 2004

911 Zentrum 

Dimiliki oleh Roadsafe Auto Services Sdn Bhd - 477772-H

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Employee Jeffery's Mobile +60(12)366-2910

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A normal set of 4 cost Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 250 and installation labor charges are Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 100, which includes complete old brake fluid bleed and change to DOT 4 type and 1 year warranty.

However my car uses 5 hoses instead of 4 therefore cost Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 270 and installation labor charges are Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 120.

The box looks very nice Front and back: -

The old hoses and the damaged front hoses position circled in red: -


Notice the front hoses are actually 2 pieces together. This means the original rubber hoses have 7 instead of 5. It is estimated that the longer ones cost Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 30 each while the shorter ones cost 20 each. The total cost would be Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 160 for the whole set of 7.

Considering the steel braided ones only cost Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 270. It is well worth changing

Although the labor charges is double compared to my regular mechanic but they provide 1 year warranty which is peaceful of mind to have. 

Not to mention they have "PROPER" brake bleeding "EQUIPMENTS" so that the brake fluids doesn't fall out everywhere, leaking here and there or splash everywhere.

The installation process was very neat, very clean, very professional. Not a single drop of brake fluid anywhere.


Lucky went for a change. The damaged is estimated to be from the brake hose clamp / bracket more than natural wear and tear. Guessed the last installation is not very good. 

Notice below they've added some rubber tapes around the brake hose clamp / bracket area to avoid the previous rubbing / scratch mistakes.

And finally in car looks: -

The regular type of hoses could have cost me around Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 200 in total for the lot

The mechanic also took the car out for a test and found that the brake servo and master cylinder and the calipers does not match, which is why the braking performance is not very good. They suggest to change the brake servo, else master cylinder.

For your information:-

  1. The brake servo is from Nissan AD Resort - dual stage big type
  2. The master cylinder is from Toyota Corona either FF or FR
  3. Finally the calipers and rotors are from AE86 stock

I've two other another master cylinder lying around, will be trying those to check out braking improvement.

Isn't this good service? Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 120 for labor, checking, advices etc are good.


Aftermath - Verdict 

GOODddddddddddddddddddd ! go get it. Although there is no braking performance increase, due to the mis-match of brake servo and master cylinder. However the pedal does not feel as spongy as before. I'd say 70% reducing. Feels very real, very tight

Go do it. It didn't even cost double compared to regular rubber type.

Foreign buyers will be pleased to know that it only cost USD 70 for AE86 (5 hoses) and USD 65 for FF like xE80/2, xE9x, xE10x, xE11x and what lot. Not including shipping and installation.


Aftermath - Part 2 

16th February 2004

After driving it for 1 week plus, it is felt that the brakes get better and better. This is quite strange because normally performance drops as age increased ....... This is getting good This is an completely unexpected results.


Aftermath - Part 3 

26th February 2004

Now I can very clearly say this. It used to be 30% brakes at one inch pedal and around 60% at two inches pedal, which is near the bottom. It never ever felt like having enough brakes.

Now it is around 50% at one inch and 80% at two inches pedal. The brakes comes sooner and more. This is for sure, but the braking distance still drags as far. Please consider the % case and not how much pedal I have to press.

The rear brakes will still fade off and needs to be pumped up till max a few times then pull the hand brakes to improve rear braking. Just like Rear Brakes Efficiency




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