Dyno Day

February 2003

Chassis Dyno - by Dyno Dynamics

Well, after the car is running fine from the transplant, therefore it is sent to dyno for a serious check-up and hopefully optimization.

Disclaimer - It is running factory default ECU, which is not "tunable". Please see Engine Tuning for further details.

The check-ups which are of concerns are: -

  1. Synchronizing the 4 throttle bodies
  2. Check combustion chambers compression (for leak or anything)
  3. Fuel Injectors Ultra-Sonic Cleaning
  4. Searching for max HP from distributor timing
  5. and more :)

and the results before the services are: -

Below shows the new results after the services -  Notice the Air Fuel Ratio axis on the right side of the picture (AFR). It tell how efficient are the fuel being burn (combusted).

Below is HP and Torque 

Notice the torque falls after 4,200 rpm :( dam sad man, must be that small air intake tank not surging enough air or at all :(

(Please see Toyota KE70 + 20vAFM for further details on the intake air plenum)

The 118 WHP is now no more, because the distributor timing was advanced too much (15 degrees). There are too much pinging. This is unfortunate :( It is now set back around 10 degrees.


The timing was around 9 degrees for fully synthetic Mobil 1 5w-50 and Castrol RS 10w-60. While it can be 12 degrees when using Shell Helix 15w-50. Seems like thicker engine oil allows higher timing. Not to mention oil material grade or quality all affecting each other.



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