Handling Secrets of Toyota Corolla KE70 or AE86

June 2004

Ha ha ha hah hah ha, it's not really secrets, or else I won't be telling you. I just made the title so that it sounds ....... interesting??? ......... or was it nooooo ........... may be try to be powerful??? ........... noooooooo .................. just to attract readers??? .............. probably ......... anyway......


Well, the actual reason to use the title secret is because the following information is not properly available from so many websites that I've visited. See Research. May be I was stupid and didn't catch them all. In any case, I'm quite sure that there is not one site with the information below in one section. I think it is important that drivers know these well and I'm sure it would benefit others allot, especially new enthusiasts whom will be caught by these unknowns in the future. This page is definitely top 10 on this website. I hope you'll enjoy it and if you're a newbie to these cars, be prepared.


Another point of writing this article is because allot of website give advices on setups and tells you what to buy and what do with what and set-up for how much of what and you'll achieve something something. But allot does not tell you why. So, everything below - came to me as a surprise, which I didn't know existed, which I didn't know is going to be a very serious issue that I need to look into very very seriously. More important that engine power or anything else.


Allot has happen over so many months of non-update. This write-up is necessary to keep new found knowledge "secrets" on records and not lost through time . There was so much discovered. So much learnt through mistakes and by sheer-luck. I don't know where to start now, so I'll just brag away. Please bare with me.


These only applies to so-called handling secrets is only applicable to Toyota Corolla KE70 or AE86 or similar platform.


Handling Secrets of Toyota Corolla KE70 or AE86

Roll Center Adjuster

Rear Axle's Control Arms & Rod

Front Strut Top Tower Bar

How to choose Spring Rate How to measure Spring Rate Rear Stabilizer Bar

Arm, Steering short versus long

Ultra Racing Bars, Fenders, Front 3 Points, Rear 4 Points

Caster Adjustment

Rear Track Increase 2014 April    




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