ECU made in MALAYSIA by Mr.S.K.Leow

Satu lagi Malaysia BOLEH

Protech-II New hardware  & software upgraded to version 2.52

30th May 2006

Ignition Map

Fuel Map

New  hardware


To download the software, please click Car/ECU/GOOD.EXE only 35kB (still old version though, not yet receive new version sample)

  1. ECU made in MALAYSIA by Mr.S.K.Leow

  2. Mr.S.K.Leow's ECU Part 2-I

  3. Mr.S.K.Leow's ECU Part 2-II Software

  4. Mr.S.K.Leow's ECU Part 2-III Software

  5. Mr.S.K.Leow's ECU Part 2-IV Software

  6. Mr.S.K.Leow's ECU Part 2-V Software

  7. Mr.S.K.Leow's ECU Part 2-VI Software

  8. Lots of Users

  9. Part 4 - I Complete Product
  10. Part 4 - II Back
  11. Part 4 - III Customer Self-made Adaptor
  12. Part 4 - IV Show Hand
  13. Part 4 - V Re-iterate MAP Sensor
  14. ECU Big Picture
  15. Typical Problems of Toyota Corolla Levin / Trueno AE111 20v MAP ECU (aka blacktop)
  16. Protech-II New hardware & software upgraded to version 2.52
  17. Protech-II Features & Windows version screen shot



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