Rented Toyota new 86 model

15th ~ 21st Sep 2013

Disclaimer - this review is not meant to be a racing / performance analysis, but merely to share as a regular driver a first hand experience about it, just some plain simple joy. The net already has lots of info I will not repeat them, but just in case I've listed a few links. This particular one I think is the most important point available from youtube.


Best viewed on 1920 x 1080 (my mon's native resolutions), with Chrome browser on 100% non zoom with F11 function key for full screen.

Due to rain only manage this first shot as opening picture.

This model is an official replacement of the already famous AE86 amongst fans. Also famous due to the Manga and anime Initial_D.

Rental cost totaled 75,780 yen for 6 full days (24hrs x 6 = 144 hours) with full insurance, damage waiver, etc. (enjoyed 4.5% of discounts, not always available, ask) Btw it's not available from regular Toyota rental, it's only available from rent a lease dot com =

Rear spoiler, for Malaysia purchase is an add-on $$$, hence didn't expect to get it from rental. Bonus :)


First drive out of the parking lot, the suspension is so dam stiff. Much more stiffer than my TiTAN Suspension for Toyota Corolla KE70. Is this even at consumer level? more like straight to race track is more like it. Now I knowwwwwwwwwww.

First corner out of the car park. It does have "that feeling", where the Chief Engineer says can enjoy the excitement, even for a short drive out to the market, with just low speed turn you could feel it's "activeness", liveliness. See youtube (I think it's this youtube). Because KE70 owners get this too :)

Chief also said wants to re-create from the 70s 2000GT heritage, also the AE86 spirit. Where it's affordable by the mass, with true essence for racing. Build by passion, not by committee.

At Farm Tomita car park a Japanese tourist group of gentlemen 40s to 60s was circling admiring the car, when I pop by and say "HELLO, car rental". They were surprised that it is rentable.

One thing I've noticed about the new 86 over the days is that it is very easy to be close to the car in front, in fact it is very comfortable, no pressure, no concern of hitting the front car at all. One of the simplest proof is my parking distance for the first 3 days, naturally, instinctively, it's reaching parking while line, leaving an extremely big gap at the back. God bless, there were couple of times I nearly hit the front border or whatever. So close, every dam time.

The next picture is very important. Although it is a simple driver's front view, but the key to notice is the front chassis is nearly not in sight, there is nothing there !!!!!

And to further highlight this point in case, the next picture is taken from the top of the dashboard, nearly at ceiling, pointing down the nose, again nearly no body is seen. As an exaggeration, you see the hood somewhat but then no nose, unlike other cars and this is why this car makes you comfortable and eager to get really close and chase up the competitor in front. I've not driven much cars, but it's a very welcoming design to me, because I feel comfortable & confident to race it up close. In Malay language "Ini kereta suka main cucuk, saya fikir memang seronok."

More parking reviews. Align the side mirror to the door handle and it will be just correct gap front and back, see next pictures.

Then corrected parking distance front and back.


Day 5 saw a regular black 86. Wanted to take pictures front facing front, but the owner came and drove of. :) Rear spoiler was different (without tiny wing sticking out) than rims/wheel smaller too (may be it was far).

and YES this big 28" x 13" x 19" size luggage can fit in the truck nicely. Gotto go in via the slimmer portrait way and then turns 90 degrees (easily) to be landscape and with rooms to spare for other smaller bags and what lot. No joke. I was surprised.

17" inches rims/wheelers :) Rear wheel likes to skid a little, especially on hill climb from standstill. All wheel pressure was at 2.9 bars, apart from rear right 2.7 bars.

Check out some of Japan's parking lock mechanism.



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Why this car is great ?

LOWEST CENTER OF GRAVITY of Toyota history 2012. Not even Supra, MR-2, ??? I wonder ???


what did they do?

how did they achieve it? see

youtube I always think video is quick and concise to sum up the new 86.


Regarding the rear spoiler and mufflers etc: -

You'll be the judge of what's what. All over the world it's Toyota 86, then USA has a brand called Scion, model is FR-S, finally Subaru's model is BRZ. They are all legitimate.

5 years ago they started thinking =

and more youtube

and what a nice advertisement  ..... I'm sold.

and some comparisons


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